All Episodes Of ‘Living Single’ To Be Added To Hulu

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Despite ending 20 years ago, fans of FOX’s Living Single still hold the comedy series in high regard, and now, they’ll be able to revisit all 118 episodes of the series, thanks to Hulu.

On Tuesday, the streaming service announced plans to host Living Single on its service beginning January 11, according to Vulture. Seen by many as a precursor to the very-similar Friends, Living Single centered on the lives of six friends who all either lived in or next to a Brooklyn brownstone. The final episode aired on January 1, 1998 after five seasons.

The show was also notable for its catchy theme song, rapped by Queen Latifah, who played Khadijah James, a magazine editor. Also featured on the series were actors Kim Coles (Synclaire James), Erika Alexander (Maxine Shaw), Kim Fields (Regine Hunter), T.C. Carson (Kyle Barker), and John Henton (Overton Wakefield Jones).

Speaking to The Root about the series’ longevity, show creator Yvette Lee Bowser says the show came about as a way to fulfill the need of having a strong black voice among the television landscape in the early ’90s.

“I feel blessed that my vision and the characters have stuck with people through the decades. It’s a blessing to set out to make art, make TV and to end up making history. It feels great. It makes me smile, and it’s certainly something to be proud of,” she stated.

Just last year, Queen Latifah teased the possibility of reviving Living Single.

“We’re actually working on it,” she told Andy Cohen during an interview last year.

“It’s not there yet, but hopefully we can get it happening.”

While none of the other Living Single actors spoke of bringing the show back, several have praised the series and expressed their fondness for working together.

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Actresses Erika Alexander, Queen Latifah, Kim Fields and Kim Coles of 'Living Single'.Featured image credit: Warner Bros. Television

“[There was] laughter every single day,” Kim Coles expressed. “We had a magical connection. The experience that I’ve had on Living Single overall has raised the bar for me of what I want on a set going forward.”

Actor John Henton also had fond memories of working on Living Single, and considers himself blessed to be part of a series that still airs to this very day.

“The blessing for me is that we’ve been on the air since ’93. Since the show premiered, it’s been on somebody’s network. There’s probably a marathon running of Living Single somewhere right now. Not bad for my first show,” he stated.

For those who like a bit of nostalgia, check out the theme song to Living Single below.