Olivia Nova’s Cause Of Death Remains Unknown As Tila Tequila Takes Credit For Adult Film Actresses’ Demise

Ian GavanGetty Images

Olivia Nova’s cause of death has yet to be revealed to the public and her grieving loved ones, but social media star and former Celebrity Big Brother housemate Tila Tequila appeared to have taken credit for her demise, as well as those of August Ames and Yuri Luv.

According to the Hollywood Life, the 36-year-old Vietnamese-American social media personality decided to take credit for the deaths in the adult film industry, saying that she “prayed” for it to happen.

“I literally just spent a prayer session TARGETING the [adult film] industry and I prayed that these pornstars will all fall extremely ill with infirmities, and start to die off so that everyone will flee from this industry never again to return,” she wrote on Facebook about Olivia Nova’s death.

“Then soon after I see in the news that [an adult film] star died suddenly!!! Whoa! God listens to me and gives me whatever I ask for in Jesus’ name!”

On top of that, she even decided to call herself the “Queen of the South” who has “risen to condemn and judge this generation,” revealing more of her “prayers” against the industry with the hashtag #JudgementDay.

“I also prayed that main [adult film] company, Vivid, will also go bankrupt soon, and I will!!!”

This prompted a variety of reactions from other social media users, with some calling her “the biggest offender” while others worried that she may have a mental health problem and need help.

“Tila, you are the biggest offender ever, why don’t you drop dead and stop wishing people ill…unless they’re Trump,” one wrote.

“Guys, I genuinely think Tila is suffering from a very serious mental breakdown, I’m actually really concerned,” another chimed in.

Her statement comes a day after reports about Olivia Nova’s death emerged. Interestingly, she made her “prayers” known only after Olivia’s death, which is already the third since August Ames and Yuri Luv passed away in a tragic all-too-common occurrence that has the industry and fans supporting it worried.

In another Facebook post, Tila Tequila took credit for the demise of the other actresses and warned that more deaths and illnesses will come to others involved in the industry.

By the looks of it, the Singapore-born personality, whose real name is Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen, had been making questionable claims about being God’s “chosen one,” citing several catastrophic events as proof of that the Almighty favors her. She also had been dragged into a White Supremacist controversy in 2015 for making offensive Nazi comments, the Hollywood Life reported.

Meanwhile, Olivia Nova’s cause of death is still a mystery as her family and friends seek help from the public via a GoFund Me campaign titled “Closure for Lexi Rose” to help finance the transfer of her remains as well as her funeral, Newsweek reported.

The 20-year-old Minnesota native is survived by her 17-year-old brother, David, 7-year-old sister, Macie, her beloved dog, Rocko, and her mother, Leslie Forte.

Speaking to the outlet, Forte revealed that she didn’t think Olivia died because of suicide or drug overdose like August Ames and Yuri Luv. However, Newsweek did not reveal the suspected cause of her daughter’s death.