‘Big Brother’ Alum Natalie Negrotti Reveals She Knew Victor Arroyo Liked Nicole Franzel During ‘BB18’

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Natalie Negrotti has made her way back into the headlines. She gets her claim to fame from her stint on Big Brother 18. During her time on the show, Negrotti hooked up with James Huling. They became “Jatalie” (James and Natalie) to viewers. Their relationship seemed to be genuine, and then, things took a bad turn. Natalie has been free of James for quite some time now. She chose to appear on MTV’s The Challenge, and they pit her against another former Big Brother houseguest, Victor Arroyo.

During Big Brother 18, there were other relationships happening in the house. Aside from Natalie Negrotti and James Huling, Nicole Franzel and Corey Brooks hooked up. They were dubbed “NiCorey” by fans. Their relationship was one that fans thought would succeed after the show, and rumors circulated that Franzel may have gotten pregnant while on Big Brother. Negrotti didn’t get along with others in the house too well, and Huling became her only ally.

The Challenge brought Natalie Negrotti and Victor Arroyo back together after competing against one another in the Big Brother house. While the two have been cordial to one another, there is definitely not a friendship budding between them at all. According to Us Weekly, Natalie Negrotti says she knew about the feelings Victor Arroyo had for Nicole Franzel while they were all in the Big Brother house. It was apparent in the way he looked at her, though he never approached the topic since she was with Corey Brooks. Now, Victor and Nicole have gone public with their relationship, and Negrotti is claiming she knew it was going to happen.

There is no friendship building between Natalie Negrotti and Victor Arroyo. She admitted the two were cordial, but they don’t speak. Negrotti also has no contact with Nicole Franzel. Doing The Challenge was just something she wanted to do, she wasn’t hoping to repair or rebuild anything along the way. Negrotti has always insisted she is a competitor, and this was the perfect opportunity to show off without a man by her side. Big Brother didn’t leave Natalie with a good taste in her mouth, but maybe her new adventure will end better.