Who Went Home On ‘The Challenge: Vendettas’ Episode 2? [Spoilers]


The first elimination challenge on The Challenge: Vendettas tonight on MTV saw TJ Lavin throw a twist into the competition. This twist led to some drama tonight on The Challenge 2018, but who went home on The Challenge: Vendetta tonight? Find out the Episode 2 results below in our The Challenge spoilers.

Last week on The Challenge: Vendettas, the new players all arrived for another season of fun. TJ Lavin wasted no time on this one, as the first challenge started right away. The players had to climb to the top of the Rock of Gibraltar. This challenge took place over two days, and the players had to camp out overnight. The slowest guy and girl would be eliminated, who turned out to be Rogan and Nicole R. The rest of the night consisted of moving into the new house, flirting, and partying. The next challenge happens tonight, as TJ is bringing a new twist into The Challenge 2018.

The Challenge

This challenge called “Who’s Got Balls?” involved a huge pit in front of the contestants filled with water. The players had to dive in, retrieve a ball, climb back up the wall, and put the ball in their barrel. This challenge was done in two rounds, as it was guys in one and girls in the other. The quickest guy and girl won and split $25,000. This was a guys elimination week, so the slowest guy would automatically be headed into the elimination challenge.

This is where TJ introduced the twist, as the overall three quickest players, regardless of it being guys or girls, would form the Troika. The three players got to choose which guy would be going into the elimination challenge to take on the loser of the challenge.



The girls went first on The Challenge: Vendettas and it was Britni, Cara Maria, and Kam taking the top three spots. The guys went next and the top three spots went to Johnny Bananas, Kyle, and Brad. It came down to Leroy and Nelson, but Leroy got the third ball first. That meant Nelson was the loser and he went straight into the elimination challenge. The Troika consisted of Johnny Bananas, Kyle, and Brad.

The Troika

TJ gave details on how the Troika works, as they will discuss things and choose three guys for consideration. From there, the Troika and the three guys will sit down at a roundtable for “The Inquisition.” The three guys will plead their case on why it shouldn’t be them. At the elimination challenge, the Troika will announce who they picked.


Deliberation Time

The Troika met and it was time to discuss their nominations. Johnny Bananas wanted Cory to be one of the nominees, as that is one of his vendettas. With that being said, Brad wanted Tony to be one of the nominees, as that is one of his vendettas. However, the third potential guy was up in the air. In the end, they picked Cory, Victor, and Tony.

The Inquisition

The six guys all sat down to discuss the final nomination on The Challenge: Vendettas. Cory knew his name was on the chopping block, so he tried to start drama. He said that Victor, Devin, Shane, and Brad are an alliance and working to get Bananas out. This seemed to be news to everyone, so that plan may have blown up in Cory’s face.


Drinking Agreements

The players all went out to the bar and Cory was trying to work his magic. Cory and Nelson talked with Kyle, as they wanted Kyle to not vote for Cory. Kyle agreed to it, and he shook Cory’s hand. Afterwards, Kyle did talk to Cara Maria and it looks like he planned on voting for Tony all along.

Elimination Challenge

The players all arrived and it was time to see what the Troika decided. Nelson was ready to take someone on, but who would it be? The Troika voted and it was Cory voted in. TJ gave one more twist, as he said the winner of the elimination challenge would get a grenade, which allows them to blow up the entire game. The grenade can be used against their vendetta, but further details won’t be available until next week!

The Challenge: Vendettas airs on Tuesday nights at 9/8c on MTV.