Wendy Williams Wants Carrie Underwood To Join Show So She Can Prove She Didn’t Have A Facelift [Rumors]

Wendy Williams is already under fire for speculating that Carrie Underwood might have gotten a facelift instead of just falling in her home like she told fans. Carrie actually had to get 40-50 stitches in her face after a big fall. The Inquisitr already shared the details about how Carrie is allegedly upset that Wendy would even assume that she would lie to her fans about all of this and what happened.

Now Hollywood Life is sharing that Wendy Williams allegedly wants to get Carrie Underwood on her show so that she can reveal her face to everyone and show that she never really had a facelift. A show insider is saying that Wendy really wants to get Carrie to join her and show off her new look. The source even said that Wendy’s team reached out to Carrie but didn’t get a response, and that is why she allegedly went on to attack Carrie by saying that she thought she had a facelift and was trying to hide it.

One thing about it is that Wendy Williams is willing to admit if she was wrong and apologize to Carrie. This would make for pretty great television if it ended up happening. The source went on to explain that Wendy thinks that there is more to this story than Carrie Underwood is sharing and so she really doesn’t feel like Carrie will ever come on her show and talk about it. The fans are just going to have to wait and see how it all turns out.

When Wendy Williams called out Carrie Underwood, she did say that Carrie is “cute,” so she doesn’t really know what happened. Carrie first told her fans that she fell and injured her wrist, but it was later that she shared the news about having to get 40-50 stitches on her face. Everyone was a bit shocked that she said she may look different, but photos that have been revealed of her already show her looking the same.

For now, Carrie Underwood isn’t saying a word about what Wendy Williams had to say. It will be pretty surprising if Carrie actually agrees to go on The Wendy Williams Show. More than likely, she will just show her face again when she is ready.