Tom Sandoval Faces Backlash For Snapping At Ariana: Why Is He So Loyal To Jax?

Tom Sandoval claims he loves Ariana Madix to the moon and back, but it sounds like he may have a breaking point when it comes to his girlfriend. Over the years, this Vanderpump Rules star has talked about getting married to Ariana, but he has never questioned what could go wrong with her – at least on the show. During last night’s episode of the show, Tom learned that Ariana had been the one who had encouraged Brittany Cartwright to listen to the audio of Jax Taylor talking to Faith Stowers about his relationship with her. In the recording, he supposedly says that he doesn’t have sex with Brittany and he has no desire to marry her.

The previews for the next episode shows Tom freaking out at Ariana because he learns she was the one present when Brittany heard the recording. Tom clearly has loyalty to his friend Jax, who can’t do much wrong in his eyes. According to an Instagram post, Tom Sandoval is now facing some heat from viewers, as they feel he’s treating Ariana unfairly. She tried to stop Lala Kent from presenting the audio to Cartwright, but on the other hand, she felt that she needed to hear the audio to learn that Jax didn’t have her best interests at heart.

“Why are you being a meanie to Ariana Madix?! She totally tried to pause that drama and wait for a better time. She’s a perfect pretty princess unicorn,” one person wrote to Tom Sandoval, revealing he needed to step back and let her be a good friend to Brittany.

Many of the other girls feel that Jax is a bad guy and Brittany can do much better than him. That’s why they have all encouraged her to break up with him and move on. But she has chosen to stay and they publicly revealed that they were not excited to relive everything on Vanderpump Rules that they had gone through over the past six months. As for Tom, people believe that he needs to step back and let Ariana be a good friend to Brittany. Many people don’t understand why Sandoval is so loyal to Jax Taylor, considering he has cheated on every other girlfriend he’s had. Perhaps it would be wise for Sandoval to take a step back and let Jax deal with his own issues and let Ariana be a support system for Brittany.

Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix are currently still dating, even though she contemplated ending the relationship after this scandal.