Lala Kent Goes From Most-Hated ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star To The Best Friend People Want

Rich FuryGetty Images

Lala Kent decided to come back on Vanderpump Rules this season after deciding to leave the show behind last year. She felt she had been bullied by her co-stars because she was dating someone famous and she didn’t want to share who he was. There were rumors swirling that he was married, but Lala denied being a homewrecker. It was hard for people to like Lala because she wasn’t being honest with the viewers. They wanted to like her and support her, but she wasn’t giving many details about her relationship and her Vanderpump Rules co-stars were quick to tell her story for her. However, things have changed in Los Angeles and Lala has now gone public with Randall Emmett.

Apparently, being honest and open about her relationship has changed people’s perceptions about Kent. According to a new Instagram post where she was promoting some business products, Lala Kent got some support from viewers. Many people reached out to her after last night’s episode of Vanderpump Rules, where she offered support to her friend Ariana Madix for her insecurities about her body. Ariana opened up about being in a mentally abusive relationship, which had ruined her relationship with parts of her body.

Lala Kent offered some advice to Ariana about her body, telling her some tips that her mother offered to her when she was younger. As it turns out, Madix was thankful for the advice and many viewers were surprised that Kent was so gentle in handling this situation. Several people reached out to Lala, revealing that they had completely changed their minds about her. While she came across as a mean girl last season, she is showing a different side this season. Several fans pointed out that she had become the best friend that many viewers want in their own lives. It seems like Vanderpump Rules viewers are starting to side with Lala over many of the veteran stars of the show.

“I just want to say just watched last night’s episode and every girl needs a friend like you to tell them to love themselves everyday cause I struggle every day with not being comfortable in my skin and to love myself and feel like I’m not good enough so thank you for that,” one person wrote to Lala Kent on her Instagram page after last night’s episode.

Lala Kent appears to be back on Vanderpump Rules full time, but don’t expect her boyfriend to make an appearance. While he may be against reality television, it sounds like Kent is back for her own career.