Briana DeJesus Celebrates Stella’s Half-Birthday And Fans Tell Her To Save Her Money


Briana DeJesus filmed 16 & Pregnant a few years ago after she had gotten pregnant with her first daughter Nova. One can imagine that MTV paid her a certain amount of money for that episode, but her MTV fame was short-lived as she wasn’t picked up for one of the two successful spin-off franchises. But MTV felt that she needed to be featured and they added her to Teen Mom 2 this past year. But whenever Briana is filming with her family, she complains about not having money. DeJesus doesn’t get child support from Devoin for Nova, and she spent the majority of her time on Teen Mom 2 to convince Luis that he needed to get a job to support Stella. In other words, fans remember her for her lack of money.

This weekend, however, Briana DeJesus decided to throw her daughter Stella a half-birthday. In other words, she’s spending money on a half-birthday even though she continues to complain about money on Teen Mom 2. According to a new Instagram post, Briana DeJesus shared photos of the cake and even little Stella. Even though it may have been a happy moment for Briana, fans of the show don’t like seeing her spend money on something like this.

On Instagram, Briana DeJesus was excited about celebrating Stella’s six-month birthday but fans told her to stop spending her money on such nonsense. If she doesn’t have money, it makes sense to save what she has, especially since her role on Teen Mom 2 may not last. Fans have already called for her to be fired for various reasons. While spending money may be fun, it seems like she may regret spending it on half-birthdays should she run out of money for her kids one day. As for her relationship with Javi, it’s possible that he spoils her with trips, concerts and other things as he has money to spend. However, he has also threatened to go after Kailyn Lowry for child support, as she clearly makes more money.

Briana DeJesus is currently dating Javi Marroquin, who makes money from a full-time job and from Teen Mom 2. Fans have expressed a dislike for her supposedly spending his money to care for herself and her daughters.