‘Project Runway’ Host Heidi Klum Thinks Golden Globes Black Dress Code Could Have Been More ‘Strong’

Dimitrios KambourisGetty Images

There has been much talk about the solidarity at the Golden Globes that nearly every woman showed by wearing black. Heidi Klum had a lot to say about the showing and offered her own take on what she would have considered more powerful.

At the InStyle and Warner Brothers after-party, InStyle caught up with the Project Runway and AGT judge to discuss the Time’s Up movement.

Heidi wore a gorgeous Ashi Studio hi-low dress, in black of course. She was in solidarity with the mission of standing up for women’s empowerment.

“I knew from the beginning that, all women were going to wear black today to celebrate women, and to stand up for women’s equality and girl power. So, I’m obviously all into that and I want to be part of it.”

Although she was happy to have worn black in support of Time’s Up, she felt that the organizers missed a stellar opportunity to give further meaning to the movement by using the power of color.

Heidi Klum felt that red would have made a more meaningful statement as the color red symbolizes both strength and love.

“So, it wasn’t a hard choice to pick black even though I would’ve picked red if someone would’ve asked me, I would’ve made all the women to wear red because I think it is the strongest color. For me, it’s the most powerful color and it means love and all that at the same time. But I guess we’ll all look good in black, right.”


At the Golden Globes, what was not worn for the most part was color, and what was definitely not worn was Marchesa. This was certainly a statement.

For the first time in nearly a decade, there was not a single Marchesa dress, black or any other color, worn at the Golden Globes. This was clearly a statement in itself, as the label’s co-founder Georgina Chapman is the estranged wife of Harvey Weinstein, the powerful producer that was accused of sexual misconduct and even more. Weinstein is the ousted producer of the Project Runway franchise, and Georgina Chapman has been a judge on Project Runway All Stars for all six seasons.

After the Golden Globes, the respected New York Times fashion critic Vanessa Friedman admitted that many fashionistas feared that actresses wearing only black was going to look “funereal” or “depressing,” but instead, “the result was one of the most elegant, genuinely chic red carpets I’ve seen in Hollywood.”

The stylists and designers who created garments for the 2018 Golden Globes did an amazing job. Yet, Yahoo points out that because the question “Who are you wearing?” was eliminated in lieu of “Ask me more,” a line of questions about an actresses’ work, the names of the designers and stylists were mostly forgotten. Yet, they contend that the combination of activism and fashion are “exciting for many.” They ask if perhaps there is common ground.

Famed fashion bloggers Tom & Lorenzo tweeted a solution to “Who are you wearing?” They suggested that E! obtain the information about the designer of each gown and put the credit onscreen while they ask actresses questions about their work, not how they look.