‘Teen Mom’ Star Jenelle Evans May Just Have A Big Problem With Her Country House

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Jenelle Evans has been keeping quiet in her North Carolina country home for a couple of months. She got married to David Eason this past September, and it sounds like she has enjoyed married life with her children at home in North Carolina. However, there have been negative reports about David Eason possibly leaving her behind, being abusive towards her, and even her facing pregnancy rumors. While these rumors are indeed just rumors, it sounds like Jenelle may need to focus on some serious issues. Like much of the East Coast, she was hit with the bad weather and got plenty of snow near her country house. While it was all fun for her kids who were quick to build a snowman, the cold weather has resulted in some complications.

According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans is now revealing that her pipes have been freezing because of the cold weather. If a pipe bursts, she could face some serious water damage at her home. Surely, this is something she wants to avoid, but it could be hard to prevent as these cold temperatures continue to rise. Luckily, Jenelle makes a good amount of money from her role on Teen Mom 2, so it sounds like she has the money to fix any water damage.

It’s possible that Jenelle Evans is currently filming Teen Mom 2, as her co-stars have hinted that they are busy filming. MTV viewers are expecting a new season this year. Jenelle has threatened to quit, but since she isn’t working these days, she may want to return to the show so she has the funds to deal with water damage if her pipes end up bursting because of the cold weather. While David Eason may have been working when they met one another, it sounds like he’s working more on their property rather than working to make money. Since he’s so defensive with everything in relation to MTV and Teen Mom 2, it sounds like fans won’t learn more about his work situation.

Jenelle Evans probably won’t open up about her home issues should she have serious property problems thanks to the weather.