‘Roseanne’ Dubbed ‘Trump-Loving’ Reboot As Folks Vow Not To Watch

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You may find it surprising just how many people across the social media sites didn’t peg Roseanne Barr as a Trump supporter. Some folks were flabbergasted to learn that Roseanne Barr not only backs Trump in real life, but she will also pledge her allegiance to Trump while playing her role on the new rebooted version of the show Roseanne. People have hopped online to declare that they won’t be watching a show that is pro-Trump.

Roseanne Barr portraying a Trump supporter on the rebooted show has started a storm of criticism and the premiere is still a few months away. Twitter is full of people from polarized camps on their thoughts of Roseanne bringing politics into her new show, which is also bringing back the original players in their original roles. The characters on Roseanne will have their own view on politics ranging from pro-Trump to pro-Hillary with some not committing either way or just not willing to say for the sake of the plot.

According to Fox News, while Roseanne has said that she backs Trump, it doesn’t necessarily mean that she agrees with everything he has to say. People online are pointing out today the common thread both Roseanne and Trump share when it comes to their patriotic mishaps. Both had a bit of a debacle around America’s National Anthem and both had this happen in a ballgame setting.

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Twitter users are pointing out that Trump seemed to forget the words and Roseanne mutilated the patriotic tune during their separate venues many years apart. GQ Magazine reports that all eyes were on Trump Monday at a college football national championship game and “the President of the United States looked more than a little lost.” It appeared he may have stumble on a few words to the National Anthem.

It was about three decades ago when Roseanne Barr was criticized for disrespecting the National Anthem when she shrieked out the words, grabbed her crotch and spit while performing the song in the middle of the field where a Padres game was soon to start, according to an archived Washington Post article. In case you didn’t catch that performance, you can see it in the tweeted YouTube clip below.

Today Twitter has people vowing not to watch Roseanne’s reboot show once they’ve learned that Roseanne will be bringing her support for Trump into the show’s dialog. Roseanne recently said that the show is set up to mirror a regular American family with their thoughts on politics. According to Fox, while Roseanne is verbal over her support for Trump, her sister Jackie, played by Laurie Metcalf, is pro-Hillary with her views. As far as Dan goes, Roseanne’s resurrected husband, you are not sure who he voted for.

This would represent what you might find in real-life households across the country today and the dialog between the players will make the sitcom more realistic with everyone expressing their own views, which is what Roseanne Barr is shooting for. Still, not everyone is willing to hear any support for Trump while watching a sitcom and they’ve taken to Twitter to share that they won’t be watching the reboot of Roseanne.

Folks on Twitter are not the only ones having their say today, Facebook is also full of people refusing to watch the show with Roseanne bringing the support of Trump on board when it comes to the dialog between characters. Here are some of the “Trump-loving ” posts from folks who just can’t bring themselves to watch the rebooted Roseanne.

One Facebook user below looked forward to the reboot of Roseanne until he learned it would contain the real life’s Roseanne’s “Trump-loving anti-liberal hogwash.”