Faith Stowers Speaks Out About The Audio Recording Of Her And Jax Taylor Talking About Brittany Cartwright

The latest Vanderpump Rules episode again showed another shocking showdown between Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright over his fling with Faith Stowers. Just when it seemed that Brittany had forgiven Jax for cheating on her with Faith, she heard an audio recording of Jax and Faith talking in bed after they had sex. Unfortunately for Brittany, Jax apparently said some very devastating things about her and their relationship. The recording was so bad that it caused Brittany, in front of everyone during their housewarming party, to yell at him to "rot in hell."

Viewers actually didn't get to hear the audio of Jax and Faith. Just what did Jax say about Brittany? After the episode aired on Monday night, Faith spoke out about it via her Instagram page. According to Faith, if viewers heard what Jax actually told her, she would be "vindicated."

"foodie_life_: Plz tell us what Jax said on the recording??? Cant wait till next wk????

kingfaithhope: @foodie_life_ oh hunni if you heard I would been vindicated. Lol"

Faith also responded to several viewers who criticized her as someone with no morals who was desperate to be famous. Faith, who used to work at SUR with Brittany and Jax, told those viewers to "shut the hell up."On Vanderpump Rules, prior to presenting Brittany Cartwright with the recording, Lala Kent told Ariana Madix that the audio recording is of Jax Taylor saying that he's never going to marry Brittany.
"Not only did he do what he did with Faith, there's f*****g audio on that phone of him saying he's never going to marry her and that they never have sex."
When Ariana, one of Brittany's good friends, heard the recording, she looked devastated. When they called Brittany over to listen to the tape, Ariana cried and repeatedly said that she loves her and hates that she's about to hear what Jax said. After Brittany listened to the tape, which was on Lala's phone, for a while, she angrily lashed out at Jax and threw him out of their apartment.
"You're a piece of f*****g s**t! I've heard the recordings. You deserve to rot in Hell. Get the f***k out of here!"
After the episode aired, Ariana, via her Twitter account, addressed why viewers didn't get to actually hear the audio recording. Ariana explained that playing the tape "would be a huge legal issue." Ariana also admitted that what Jax said about Brittany to Faith was "heartbreaking."
A preview for next week's Vanderpump Rules shows James Kennedy telling SUR boss Lisa Vanderpump about all that happened between Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright at their housewarming party. The clip also shows James, during a confessional interview, gleefully admitting that he stole the recording off of Faith's phone and sent it to himself. James then apparently sent the recording to Lala.
In a previous season, when both Lala Kent and James Kennedy were not on good terms with the rest of the cast, they were friends with Faith Stowers. Yet according to Faith, her friendships with Lala and James have now ended, thanks to the sex scandal and their responses to it. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Faith recently lashed out at Lala and James, claiming that they have both chosen fame on Vanderpump Rules over friendship with her.