‘Vera’ Season 8 Returns, But Star Brenda Blethyn Expresses Doubts About Season 9

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DCI Vera Stanhope is back for Vera Season 8, solving crime in Northumberland among rough terrain and tough characters. But as one of the more gruesome episodes (the crime scene is a slaughterhouse and rendering plant) kicks off Season 8 of Vera, series star Brenda Blethyn is dropping hints that her time as DCI Vera Stanhope might be winding down. Blethyn’s character, which has been called a modern Geordie Miss Marple, is at the very least reluctant about a Season 9 of Vera.

Brenda Blethyn Is Back For Vera Season 8, But What About Season 9?

For now, Vera Season 8 is on ITV in the U.K. and Britbox in the U.S., but viewers can catch up on earlier seasons of Vera on Acorntv. But as Season 8 of Vera gets underway charred remains are discovered in an abattoir furnace (an abattoir is a posh word for slaughterhouse).

Vera star Brenda Blethyn spoke at length to Express about the future of the hit series saying that nothing is set in stone. Blethyn said that she goes back and forth between missing the show when she’s not shooting to having doubts about a new season.

“I missed it. It’s like sometimes if you go out and you have a big slap up meal and you’ve already eaten and you think, ‘Oh god go away,’ but a week later, you get hungry. You never know what your circumstances are going to be and you have to weigh it all up and see.”


Over 6 Million Fans Tune In To Watch Blethyn As Vera

Blethyn says that she is surprised that Vera has been so successful.

“It’s just the success of it has been overwhelming and has been central to that has been rather nice.”

But for now, fans can look forward to a full Vera Season 8 which has DCI Vera Stanhope once again paired up with Aiden Healy (played by Kenny Doughty) to shake some trees ranging from the working class to the powers that be within the police department. Vera uses her local, homespun charm to disarm those keeping secrets. With terms of endearment like “love” and “pet” DCI Vera Stanhope teases information out of suspects and gets her man (or woman).

The premiere episode of Vera Season 8, fans get to see the grizzly inner workings of farms and slaughterhouses as the episode is called “Blood and Bone.” Next week on Episode 2 of Season 8 of Vera (“Black Ice”) Vera and Aiden will be back in a coastal community to solve a murder within a tight-knit group.


Vera Season 8 Is Now On Britbox In The United States

Deadline is confirming that Britbox has picked up Vera Season 8 exclusively for the United States market. BritBox president Soumya Sriraman is excited to bring Vera in real time to the American market.

“Bringing new episodes of Vera to Britbox is very much like welcoming a member of the family home. The drama is one of ITV’s most popular and it’s also been one of our most requested. We are thrilled not just to bring new episodes Stateside but to be able to bring them just hours after they debut in the UK. This title is just one of many coming to subscribers in 2018 as we continue the strong momentum we’ve seen since we launched earlier this year.”

Episode 2 of Vera Season 8 will air on Britbox on Sunday night.