Kate Winslet’s Husband Fights Tabloids Over Old Pictures

Kate Winslet’s husband is currently fighting tabloids in order to a collection of old pictures from being published.

Ned RocknRoll, who married the Titanic star last month, is attempting to prevent The Sun from publishing photos taken nearly two years ago. According to MSN, the pictures show RocknRoll at a private party with an outrageous dress theme.

Ned’s lawyers reportedly told the High Court judge that the publication of the photos would be a serious breach of privacy. What’s more, Kate Winslet’s husband believes the photos could result in the actress’ children being bullied by their peers.

Although not much information about the pictures that Winslet’s husband is fighting to keep out of the tabloids has made its way to the surface, Newsday reports the photos are “innocent but naive.”

RocknRoll’s lawyers also told the court that, prior to his marriage to the popular actress, Ned was a relative “nobody.” As such, there is really no public interest in the photos. Until a decision has been made about the breach of privacy, the lawyers are asking the court to ban the photos’ publication.

According to the Guardian, lawyer David Sherborne told the court:

“This application is not to hide some guilty secret, as I said in the interim hearing. It is not to keep something secret. The claimant is here because the defendant seeks to invade his privacy. It was a private party with a private guestlist at a private family home so it is hard to see these photographs as anything other than private family photos.”

The Sun’s publisher, News International subsidiary News Group Newspapers, said the pictures were taken from a public Facebook page. This means the photos were already released to the masses. The publisher is asking the court to overturn the injunction.

What do you think about Kate Winslet’s husband fighting tabloids over old pictures? Do you think they have a right to publish the photos?