Para Doxies: Brothel Provides Prostitutes Exclusively For The Disabled

A former English madam is launching what she calls Para Doxies, a prostitution establishment reserved exclusively for disabled clients. The brothel will be opening up in 2014 in the United Kingdom, where it is currently legal to buy and sell sexual services but illegal to involve any third party, such as pimp or brothel madam, in the transaction.

Becky Adams is a former brothel madam who plans on spending £50,000, or $81,265 US dollars, to launch a two-room prostitution establishment that will provide transportation for disabled clients and take them home afterwards. Ms. Adams explained to the Mirror her motivation for this brothel for the disabled:

“People have the same sexual urges whether they’re disabled or not. Everyone deserves to experience and enjoy sexual contact. A soldier who comes home from war disabled doesn’t stop being a normal, healthy person with normal, healthy needs. For many, disability can get in the way of fulfilling those needs. It can be very frustrating and painful. Our new brothel will be kitted out with ramps and hoists for wheelchair access, just like any other service for disabled people.”

Ms. Becky used to run many illegal brothels before retiring in 2010, but her new effort will be on the up and up. In order to do this, Para Doxies will be managed “as a TLC Trust-supported, not-for-profit, telephone-based service where volunteers assist people with disabilities or their careers to source trust worthy, reliable sex workers, enablers or body-workers.” This means that Para Doxies will have no middle-man and thus will effectively skirt the law.

Ms. Becky is even party to an effort to get the British government to adopt a Dutch-style grant scheme where disabled people can receive public money in order to pay for sexual relations up to 12 times a year. Considering that Britain is largely focused on austerity measures, something tells me these efforts will come to naught. Maybe they should ask the US Congress for some money since they seem to be on a spending spree lately. Ms. Becky thinks the lack of government support is for other reasons than financial according to The Sun:

“Some people will think this is wrong. Sex work polarizes opinion. Disability is also an old taboo. Sex workers and disabled people are alike in that they are both vulnerable and have very little voice in society. No-one ever listens to them. Add benefits and state support to the mix, and this becomes the biggest taboo imaginable.”

What do you think about this brothel for the disabled called Para Doxies?