Brendan Schaub: Former UFC Fighter Details Sex Life With Ronda Rousey, Claims He Was 'Too Much Man For Her'

Despite suffering a devastating loss at the hands of Holly Holm at UFC 193: Rousey vs. Holm, Ronda Rousey is still recognized as the most-popular fighter in MMA today. It is through her that not just women's MMA, but MMA in general was innovated. By being a fusion of combat skill, beauty, and cross-over appeal, she brought MMA to the forefront through starring roles in movies, television appearances, and a best-selling autobiography.

Of course, Ronda Rousey's massive popularity would mean fans, not just in the MMA, would want to know every single detail of her life. Fortunately for them, Rousey does not disappoint, even revealing the interesting fact that before fights, she tries to have as much sex as possible. Apparently, "Rowdy" can't get too rowdy in the sheets if said partner is Brendan Schaub. The former UFC fighter and NFL football player claims he is "too much man" for Ronda Rousey.

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Ronda Rousey: I Have As Much Sex As Possible Before I Fight

Brendan Schaub made the hot, juicy details of his sex life with Ronda Rousey known as a guest on Joe Rogan's Fight Companion Show, as reported by Fight State. In the beginning, Schaub praised Rousey for all of her success, but things turned sour when the conversation switched to both of them possibly getting back together.

"I did her a favor. I'm not the guy for the job. She needs a guy who's gonna take a backseat. That's not me."
As the interview continued, Brendan Schaub revealed that Ronda Rousey surrounds herself around a bunch of "yes men," people who worship her very move and presence. When he and Rousey were together, things wouldn't go so well whenever he disagreed with her, hinting that he was "too much man" for her, as reported by TMZ. Eventually, Joe Rogan quickly shut down the conversation before Schaub could get on a roll, which is something Brendan Schaub was happy happened.

Travis Browne Beats Brendan Schaub
Brendan Schaub's last fight in UFC (and MMA) was against Travis Browne, the man who is currently dating Ronda Rousey, at "UFC 181." [Photo by Alex Trautwig/Getty Images]It is kind of ironic that Brendan Schaub says he is "too much man" for Ronda Rousey given the fact that back in UFC 181: Hendricks vs. Lawler II, he lost to Travis Browne in the first round of their fight by technical knock out. Right now, Ronda Rousey's current boyfriend is Browne.

For those who want to watch the part of the conversation during Joe Rogan's Fight Companion Show in which he and Brendan Schaub talk about the latter being in a relationship with Ronda Rousey again, a video clip has been attached below.

Brendan Schaub is presently working on his career in entertainment. As for Ronda Rousey, she is back in the gym training, preparing for her eventual rematch against Holly Holm for the UFC women's bantamweight championship. It was rumored Rousey would seek redemption for her loss at UFC 200, but it now seems her fight will happen at a later date due to her schedule. This includes posing for Swimsuit Illustrated in nothing but body paint, and acting roles in a film adaption of her best-selling autobiography My Fight/Your Fight, Mile 22 (alongside Mark Wahlberg), and a remake of Road House in which Rousey will play a female version of James Dalton.

[Image via Screen Capture of MaximoTV Video Ronda Rousey & Brendan Schaub | 2013 MAXIM HOT 100 Party | Arrivals]