Taylor Swift To Play Two Nights At The U.S. Bank Stadium

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It’s an interesting time in Taylor Swift’s career as the music performer has announced another show at U.S. Bank Stadium of Minneapolis. Taylor Swift will be the first to play not one, but two sets over two nights at the stadium.

Exciting as it is, procuring tickets may prove to be something of a challenge, according to City Pages. Customers have found that in buying tickets through the Verified Fan arrangement, improved seating is awarded in exchange for purchasing more merchandise.

Tickets will be made available for general sale by January 3. As reported by KSTP, the sets will be performed on August 3 and September 1 of this year, respectively. Taylor Swift will also be playing in Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., and other cities as part of her larger stadium tour.

According to Star Tribune, the tickets to be released to the public by the end of January will be extremely limited in terms of availability of preferable seating. In getting the tickets offered through Taylor Swift’s elected Verified Fan system, one will have to spend up to between $400 and $700 to secure good seating. This system has invoked frustration from fans and customers when administered previously. The amount of hassle and money required to get good seats has been cited as a source of discontent in previous concerts.

To secure good seating through Taylor Swift’s Verified Fan system, which is powered by Ticketmaster, the customer is directed to buy more Taylor Swift merchandise in order to have any hope of getting preferable seating arrangements. This approach can put an unfashionable amount of pressure on the customer as they will find themselves having to spend a great deal with hurtles abound all to get a ticket for a decent seat.

Taylor Swift
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Consequence of Sound has reported on the singer’s use of the Verified Fan ticket system. As her concert packed tour approaches with a great deal of excitement rallied around her two upcoming acts in Minneapolis, the effects of using the Verified Fan system may be revealed in the ticket sales for the coming concerts. Fans who were left with a foul aftertaste from their last experiences with the ticket system may show their discontent in the coming turnout.

The concerts at the U.S. Bank Stadium could play a pivotal role in the direction of Taylor Swift’s career.