Teresa Guidice Rumored To Have Met With Divorce Attorney, As Joe Still Sits In Prison

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Teresa Giudice recently spent time with a known divorce attorney, fueling speculation that she and still jailed husband Joe may have hit a patch they can’t overcome.

Radar Online reported the Real Housewives of New Jersey star recently posted a photo on her Instagram page of her out dining with divorce attorney Loren M. LaForge. Guidice captioned the photo, “Dinner with a great friend lots of laughs…webothlovefood.”

The reality of who LaForge is and what she does wasn’t lost on at least some of Guidice’s many social media followers, with some of them taking it upon themselves to offer the reality TV star their own unsolicited advice.

“Lots of good solid advice,” one fan wrote. “Open up Teresa. Put closure to what is always going to hold you back. Your girls need him. You do not. You’re loyal disciplined committed. He wasn’t prior to then. And after it all, he will revert to his macho way because you are the leader of the pack.”

Joe Giudice is still serving out the terms of his 41-month sentence after being convicted of bank fraud-related charges. He isn’t scheduled to be released from federal custody until 2019.

Prior to Joe beginning his sentence, Teresa served ten months after being convicted on similar charges. She was released just before Christmas in 2015.

Teresa and her four young daughters recently spent the holidays in Cancun instead of visiting Joe, with Theresa admitting “he pisses me off.”

People magazine has reported Guidice recently reflected she considers 2017 to be her most challenging year ever.

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“This has undoubtedly been the hardest year of my life,” Guidice posted on Instagram just days before the Thanksgiving holiday. “But as we take a look back & reflect on this year, I’m so thankful to have four beautiful healthy happy daughters, my father’s health, to be able to be surrounded by family and friends who have become family.”

Joe Giudice has now spent four years behind bars, with Theresa recently lamenting his being away for so long has essentially left her to be a single parent.

In her new book, Standing Strong, she admitted all the separation and struggle has put a strain on their marriage.

“I want our marriage to work,” she said. “But you know, when Joe comes home, he has to do the right thing. And then we’ll just move on from there.”