Man Who Married Mother And Teen Daughter Is Sentenced In Bigamy Case Dubbed ‘Bizarre’ By Judge

Christopher I. Hauptmann, 44, was sentenced this week after marrying a woman and then marrying her daughter but neglecting to get a divorce in between his transition in marriages. The judge sentenced Hauptmann to prison after he entered the plea of no contest to charges stemming from marrying Shannon Deitrich, 43, and then marrying her daughter, Kaylee Durovick, 18, just a year later.

According to Fox News, this Pennsylvania man also used an alias. Christoper Hauptmann is not his real name but Christopher Buckley is. Some of the charges that are under the name Buckley still remain unresolved. Police confirmed that Christopher Hauptmann and Christopher Buckley were one in the same through fingerprints.

It was just recently discovered that Hauptmann was this man’s alias, which led to a search warrant of his home this week. After police ran the name Christopher Buckley through law enforcement databases, it was discovered he had been sentenced for past drug crimes in California.

It appears the name Hauptmann was used by this guy to apply for a concealed weapon permit in Northumberland County. There weren’t any serious infractions under the name Hauptmann, according to law enforcement.

He did buy firearms in 2012 and 2013 under the name Hauptmann knowing that he wouldn’t have been allowed to do so if he identified himself under his name Buckley.

After the judge read the charges in court, he added a few his own thoughts to what he just read out loud calling this “a bizarre case,” according to Inside Edition.

Hauptmann was sentenced to serve a term that ranged from one year minus a day to two years minus a day for the charges of “bigamy, forgery, and unsworn falsification to authorities,” all stemming from this case. Shannon Deitrich, who married Hauptmann in 2015, testified against him in court. She is the mother of his duo of mother-daughter brides.

Hauptmann, who already served 332 days in jail for this crime, was unable to bail himself out despite being a former owner of a bail bonds business in Shamokin, which is a town about 70 miles outside of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. His bail was set at $300,000. The judge ordered that the time Hauptman already served would go toward his sentence.

He is prohibited from having any contact with Deitrich, the mom in this case. He is still married to the daughter, according to Inside Edition. The Daily Item reported that Hauptmann did attempt to speak in his own defense, telling Judge John Gembic that he should remain free because criminals would run “buck wild during his time in jail.”