Selena Gomez Fears Seeing The Weeknd At Coachella After Unfollowing Ex-Boyfriend On Social Media

Jeff SpicerGetty Images

Selena Gomez is not looking forward to seeing The Weeknd at Coachella this year, which is why she’s making every effort to avoid her ex-boyfriend by all means, it has been reported.

The singer, who had called it quits with the R&B singer back in September, has given fans the impression that the duo did not stay on good terms with one another as it only took Gomez one month after the split to ultimately unfollow The Weeknd from all social media platforms.

Though she had told Billboard that she shares an undying friendship with the “Secrets” hitmaker, the fact that she would unfollow him seemed to indicate otherwise.

Sources at the time claimed that The Weeknd felt betrayed by Selena’s decision to reconnect with Justin Bieber, ultimately blaming their love for one another as the reason why she ended up parting ways from him.

And, of course, before it was even made official that The Weeknd and Selena Gomez were no longer a thing, photos of the singer hanging out with Justin in Los Angeles had already surfaced, leaving fans, once again, puzzled.

The “Can’t Feel My Face” star is scheduled to headline one of the dates at Coachella when it kicks off in April, and from what’s been gathered, via Hollywood Life, Selena Gomez will not be attending her ex-boyfriend’s set.

Supposedly, Gomez is only going out to Coachella because she wants to see Beyonce perform live, which insiders have already described to be the singer’s most daring live set to date, so the anticipation is rather high.

With that said, Selena will not want to find herself running into The Weeknd and share an awkward moment with the 27-year-old now that she’s officially moved on with Justin Bieber and solely wants to focus her attention on her new relationship.

It’s not that Selena Gomez feels they’ll be an exchange of bad words being made, she just doesn’t want to find herself in an awkward position when she’s ultimately just there to have a good time with her closest friends as they watch Beyonce perform.

It’s unclear whether Justin will tag along for the event.