Ivanka Trump Spoke Of Dad’s ‘Just For Men’ Hair Dye Job, Scalp Surgery And Comb-Over, Claims ‘Fire And Fury’

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As more book excerpts from Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House by Michael Wolff become public fodder, so has more of President Donald Trump’s alleged hair-dyeing and styling routine, from the lips of his own favorite daughter, Ivanka Trump. Wolff wrote that unlike other rich kids featured in the below documentary titled Born Rich, created by Ivanka’s ex-boyfriend Jamie Johnson of the Johnson & Johnson empire, Ivanka didn’t show disdain for her parents in the movie.

Instead, Ivanka spoke of being proud of the Trump name and treated her dad with what Wolff terms as “lightness, even irony, and in at least one television interview she made fun of his comb-over.” According to the description of Trump’s much talked about hairstyle and hue, Ivanka allegedly told friends that the golden-orange color of Trump’s hair is due to her dad’s impatience with using the Just for Men hair dye – one that Trump allegedly doesn’t leave in long enough to allow the hue to darken.

Wolff made no mention of Trump using Finasteride, or Propecia, a drug that has been sold as the answer to male-pattern baldness, as reported by the New York Times. Instead, Michael wrote that Ivanka spoke of Trump’s baldness turned hairy “island after scalp reduction surgery—surrounded by a furry circle of hair around the sides and front, from which all ends are drawn up to meet in the center and then swept back and secured by a stiffening spray.”

Ivanka Trump Spoke Of Dad's 'Just For Men' Hair Dye Job, Scalp Surgery And Comb-Over, Claims 'Fire And Fury'
Ivanka Trump Spoke Of Dad's 'Just For Men' Hair Dye Job, Scalp Surgery And Comb-Over, Claims 'Fire And Fury'Featured image credit: Peter KramerGetty Images

The Fire and Fury book wouldn’t be the first time that Trump’s alleged scalp surgery would be mentioned. Ivana Trump once claimed that Donald raped her, which she changed to the verbiage of feeling ‘violated’ during sex, as reported by the Daily Beast, as Donald was in pain from his alleged scalp reduction surgery that removed Trump’s bald spot. Ivana had recommended the plastic surgeon, but changed her statement to say that her then husband didn’t rape in the “criminal sense.”

Wolff’s claims about Ivanka’s secrets of her dad’s hair, as reported by the Daily Mail Online, are corroborated by the legal deposition documents that surfaced from Ivana’s rape claims.

“Father and daughter got along almost peculiarly well. She was the real mini-Trump (a title that many people now seemed to aspire to). She accepted him. She was a helper not just in his business dealings, but in his marital realignments. She facilitated entrances and exits. If you have a d*****bag dad, and if everyone is open about it, then maybe it becomes fun and life a romantic comedy—sort of. Reasonably, she ought to be much angrier. She grew up not just in the middle of a troubled family but in one that was at all times immersed in bad press.”

Ivanka spoke about growing up in a Trump Tower bubble, as seen in the below videos.

Ivanka also sported her own wild hairstyle as a 15-year-old in the top video above, wherein the young Trump walked down the fashion runway.