A Tesla Model X Just Pulled Its Largest Cargo To Date, And It Didn’t Even Break A Sweat


The Tesla Model X is an impressive vehicle, capable of achieving feats that no other SUV in its class is capable of doing. The EV, with its powerful electric motors, is capable of attaining maximum torque off the line, giving the Tesla some pretty insane power. Just recently, this was demonstrated in all its full glory when a Model X pulled a Volvo semi-trailer up a hill after the massive truck got stuck in the snow.

The Tesla’s recent feat was uploaded by Kyle Conner, who posted the video of the Model X pulling the Volvo semi on his Facebook page. According to Conner, the massive truck had gotten stuck when it was trying to climb up a hill in Raleigh, North Carolina. The Model X in the Facebook clip was owned by Conner’s friend, Ben Spreen, who decided to help out the truck’s driver by hooking up his electric SUV to the semi and pulling away.

Interestingly, the Model X in the video was spinning its tires the entire time. Apart from this, the driver of the truck was also attempting to move forward. Despite this, however, the heavyweight EV could be seen exerting a lot of force to the front of the semi-trailer, so much so that the driver of the Volvo was able to get a better grip on the slippery slope.

While not shown in the video, Conner stated that the Tesla Model X was able to make it up the incline with the Volvo truck still in tow. Regardless of the fact that the Model X was really just providing a good push to improve the truck’s momentum, the fact that the semi-trailer was able to make it up the incline due to the aid provided by the electric SUV is something that is impressive nonetheless.

If there’s anything that is really remarkable, however, it is the fact that according to Conner, the Model X did not even use up a lot of battery during its feat. This is particularly notable, especially since the semi-trailer is an incredibly heavy vehicle, even if it was not fully loaded. Spreen, the owner of the EV, also stated that the batteries of his Model X did not get hot at all. Thus, even after pulling the truck up the hill, the EV’s power was not limited in any way.

One thing that is particularly worrisome, however, is the fact that the Model X’s towing capacity is rated with a maximum of 5,000 lbs. The Volvo semi-trailer, of course, is far beyond that, leading some EV fans to speculate that the Model X’s warranty might have been voided. Considering that Tesla CEO Elon Musk retweeted the feat on his personal account, however, there is a good chance that all is well with Spreen’s Model X.