NFL Rumors: Chiefs Willing To Move Quarterback, Where Matt Nagy Lands As Coach Could Be A Factor

Peter AikenGetty Images

Leading up to the day of the wild card round, much of the chatter is around the Kansas City Chiefs’ offensive coordinator Matt Nagy and his bid for an NFL head coaching job. Lost in the conversation is a growing quarterback controversy involving Alex Smith and Patrick Mahomes.

It is being rumored that Alex Smith’s days Kansas City Chiefs’ quarterback days may be numbered. According to the NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, the Chiefs are keen on the idea of trading Alex Smith in the offseason. If the Kansas City Chiefs decide to trade Alex Smith, a 13-year NFL veteran, he may be the second part of a package deal.

If Matt Nagy lands one of the NFL coaching vacancies as many expect, there is a possibility that Alex Smith can join him. The question would then become whether or not the Chiefs would trade Alex Smith or cut him.

Nagy is currently set to interview for the Chicago Bears’ and Indianapolis Colts’ coaching vacancies, according to the Kansas City Star. Between the two teams known to be interviewing the Chiefs offensive coordinator, the Bears will be in the market for a backup quarterback. As things progress, it is likely that Nagy will speak with other teams also.


If the Matt Nagy were to land the Chicago Bears’ coaching job, he could bring Alex Smith along with him, creating a Chiefs’ connection. It would be a similar scenario to when the Chiefs’ offensive coordinator Doug Pederson left Kansas City to be the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Pederson acquired quarterback Nick Foles from the Chiefs. The former Chiefs’ backup has been instrumental in helping Carson Wentz become comfortable as the Eagles’ starter. A similar situation could take place with Matt Nagy and Alex Smith.

The Kansas City Chiefs traded up (courtesy of The Undefeated) to take Patrick Mahomes in last April’s draft for a reason. At some point, the Chiefs want to move forward with Mahomes as their starter.

The Chiefs have had some success with Alex Smith as their starter, however, they do not view him as the future of the franchise. Patrick Mahomes will get the chance to take over the reigns of the Chiefs after a season of learning under Alex Smith.


Trading Alex Smith will allow the Kansas City Chiefs to turn to Patrick Mahomes as the starter while getting an asset in return. Getting a late-round pick for Alex Smith could turn into a rookie quarterback as a backup for the Chiefs.

The Chicago Bears is one potential landing spot for the Kansas City Chiefs’ starter. If Alex Smith does not wind up with Matt Nagy he could possibly land with the Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinals are in need of a starter now that Carson Palmer has retired.

The Kansas City Chiefs and Arizona Cardinals could come up with a deal. Also, the Cardinals has a coaching vacancy of their own. It could be a perfect place for both the Chiefs’ Nagy and Smith. Before the Chiefs can focus on their franchise’s future, they have a playoff game against the Tennessee Titans. A loss could expedite things for the Chiefs.