Is Matt Lauer Gunning For A Comeback To His Television Career?


It’s been just over a month since Matt Lauer’s career with Today and NBC imploded, and his marriage to former model Annette Roque seemingly ended, but according to friends, Matt Lauer is pushing to get back to work in journalism and hosting a morning show. Matt Lauer is not interested in spending the rest of his days out in Sag Harbor and sincerely believes now that a month has passed since his sex scandal, he can get back to NYC to a new job in the entertainment industry hosting a morning show. But friends are telling Matt Lauer that it’s too soon, and he should see what has happened to others who have been outed in the #metoo movement who have tried to return to the public eye.

Matt Lauer Has Changed His Mind About Retirement

When Matt Lauer was initially fired from Today, he told friends he was thinking of retiring anyway and would spend the rest of his days with his family and playing golf. Fast forward a month and Lauer is already gunning for a comeback, and Roque wants nothing to do with him. But another storm is reportedly heading straight at Matt Lauer as his wife Annette Roque has met with divorce lawyers and is prepared to pull the trigger any day now.

“She’s done with him. And now, it’s only a matter of time. A divorce announcement should be coming any day now.”


After Just Over A Month, Matt Lauer Is Bored Of Being A Full-time Suburban Dad

But now that Matt Lauer is a full-time dad in the Hamptons friends say that he is “struggling” to make the adjustment, says Hollywood Life. Friends also add that they are telling Matt Lauer that it is way too soon for him to consider attempting a comeback. Lauer is finding it understandably stressful living full-time with his estranged wife Annette Roque who has stopped wearing her wedding ring. Sources close to Roque say that she is disgusted by the whole Matt Lauer Today show sex scandal, and so she is keeping her distance.

Friends exclusively told Hollywood Life that Matt Lauer is not adjusting well to his new more sedate life.

“Matt is quickly becoming bored with his new suburban routine and he is already thinking about making a comeback”

For years Matt Lauer spent Monday through Friday living alone in New York City, only going out to the Hamptons on weekends. Annette Roque was virtually a single parent during the week to Jack, Romy, and Thijs Lauer, her children with Matt Lauer.

Friends Admit That Lauer Is Struggling

“He is struggling with life after NBC and is having a hard time letting go of the high-profile lifestyle he has known for so many years. He misses the spotlight and while he accepted his new position in life as a normal citizen and stay-at-home dad, he is now reconsidering a future comeback.”

Matt Lauer is said to be ready to head out on his mea culpa tour, but his advisors have told him it is way too soon, as he is still considered on-air poison.

“His close advisors and lawyers have cautioned against seeking another network gig, warning him that it’s too soon and no one will touch him. But Matt is determined to try to regain a seat on morning TV.”

Matt Lauer reportedly knows that his job is no longer available now that Today has hired Hoda Kotb to replace him, so he is interested in seeking out a spot on one of the other morning shows. But friends think by pushing the issue it’s clear that he doesn’t understand that “no means no.”


Media Sources Agree That It Is Too Soon For Matt Lauer To Hope For Public Forgiveness

TVovermind says that Matt Lauer needs to stop sending “helpful hints” to Today producers in an attempt to wedge his way back onto the set.

“A wake-up call to Matt Lauer: Please do everyone a favor and slither away into the grass of your abode. Why he would think anyone cares about his critique of the production of the show he was ignominiously fired from for sexual harassment, sexual assault, having sexual affairs with co-workers.”

Friends and colleagues are all in agreement that it is too soon for Matt Lauer to be accepted back into the industry, and it might not ever happen.