Hillary Clinton Returns To Work After Hospital Stay While Her Time As Secretary Of State Winds Down

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Hillary Clinton is out of the hospital and back to work as she wraps up her duties as US Secretary of State.

Clinton officially resumed her duties on Monday, five days after she got out of the hospital while being treated for a blood clot, the State Department said. Her return will start with a series of meetings early on Monday in a busy week that includes three meetings at the White House, Reuters reported.

In recent weeks Clinton has been through a series of ailments, including a stomach virus and a concussion she suffered while fainting from the illness. Doctors said she will make a full recovery.

Hillary Clinton has made a reputation for her tireless work during her four years as Secretary of State. Her recent health scare has dredged up fears that she has put too much time and effort into her work, the New York Times reported.

In the past four years, she traveled 401 days and spent the equivalent of 87 full days on a plane, the State Department reported.

From the New York Times:

“In one 48-hour marathon in 2009 that her aides still talk about, she traveled from talks with Palestinian leaders in Abu Dhabi to a midnight meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem, then boarded a plane for Morocco, staying up all night to work on other issues, before going straight to a meeting of Arab leaders the next morning.”

Clinton will step down as Secretary of State in the next few weeks. President Obama has selected Massachusetts Senator John Kerry to succeed Clinton. Kerry is the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.