Gene Simmons Reveals Entire 166-Track Listing For 38-Pound Box Set ‘The Vault’

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Gene Simmons has released the entire list of tracks included on his long-awaited limited edition set box set, The Vault. The KISS bassist posted the list of 166 tracks included on the five decades in-the-making set. The Vault contains 11 discs and is a must-have for diehard fans of the legendary rocker. The set can only be purchased on Simmons’ website and is not available in stores. Simmons plans to make personal appearances in several major cities to hand deliver The Vault to his fans.

The Gene Simmons Vault Experience consists of 166 previously unreleased recordings made by Simmons over 50 years, from 1966 to 2016. Some of the tacks include collaborations with members of Kiss as well as cameos by famous friends like Bob Dylan, Joe Perry, and Eddie and Alex Van Halen. In addition to the plethora of music, fans will get collectibles including a commemorative photo book and a Gene Simmons action figure.

In an interview last year with Ultimate Classic Rock, Gene Simmons explained why he was releasing his archive of work in such an unusual way.

“Fewer and fewer people are going to stores, record companies are broken, people are downloading and file-sharing, and I didn’t want my songs to go out that way,” Simmons told UCR. “That’s like smoke and mirrors…You can’t feel it, you can’t touch it, the art of it isn’t there. So I decided to put out a physical box set — probably the most expensive one ever, and the largest. “


Simmons revealed that only a few thousand copies of The Vault will be made. And because he’s “blessed and can afford it,” Gene will travel around the world to hand deliver the set to his most loyal fans. The base price for The Vault is $2000, with higher priced “experience” packages set as high as $50,000.

Gene Simmons previously told the Domenick Nati podcast that he will fly to fans’ locations on his own dime to personally hand deliver the massive Vault set.

“As a thank you to the fans I’m gonna get on a jet and come to your doorstep along with other fans in the area at a convenient time and a convenient place and I’m going to hand deliver The Vault to you,” Simmons said. “You get your Vault for two grand and then I fly on a jet and I go to see you. There are other things you can do, like a Gene Simmons party at your home, or you can go to the studio and be a producer.”

Gene Simmons’ first pit stop to deliver The Vault is at Capitol Studios in Los Angeles on Jan. 6.


In an interview on KSHE 95’s “Hair Jordan” show, Simmons described The Vault as “literally and physically the largest box set of all time.”

“[It stands]three feet tall,” Simmons said, ” You need two arms to wrap around it and two arms to pick it up, ’cause it’s over 38 pounds. It has metal hardware, metal wheels. I’m really proud of it.”