Brad Pitt Casually Dating And Meeting ‘Normal’ Women, Priority Still Kids Before Love Life

Rich FuryGetty Images

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have continued to remain amicable as they work through their difficult divorce and custody proceedings. The former A-list couple stunned the masses when Jolie announced she was filing for divorce from the Hollywood heartthrob after a 12-year relationship and 2-year marriage. Even more shocking was the FBI investigation launched against Pitt for alleged child abuse, for which the star was swiftly cleared of.

Many months later and Pitt is reportedly adjusting to single life as a single dad. The Allied star is able to visit and spend time with the former couple’s six children, who sources say are of prime importance to Brad. Until now, it seems that the notable actor has focused only on his sobriety and his children, yet recently Brad is reportedly getting back out on the scene and dating “normal” women casually.

Sources recently divulged supposed details about Pitt’s dating habits as of late, as E! News notes.

“He has been on a few dates but nothing serious. It’s complicated for him to date and not a huge priority in his life. He can be flirty by nature though. He will always hold the door and suggests that people go ahead of him in line. He’s just that kind of person. He’s the nicest guy in the world.”

The divorce and custody proceedings certainly were a catapult to Brad Pitt focusing on getting help for his addictions, so that he could be a more devoted father and be allowed to see his children more frequently and without supervision. The star spoke with GQ earlier this year, admitting that he now loves therapy and that he was “boozing” too much.

Despite rumors swirling about various flings and new relationships, these have all been stamped out as untrue, seeing as jumping into a new romance is not a priority for the star. Yet, Pitt is adapting to single life and single fatherhood, while ensuring to connect more casually with women, who are not in the limelight.

The said source shares how Brad is still working towards seeing more of his children, as the amount of time he gets is not as much as he would like, noting “The whole situation is still a work in progress and very sensitive. He doesn’t talk a lot about it and keeps it to himself.”

Much like many who experience a difficult split, Brad Pitt has also relied on good friends to support him through this challenging time for him and Angelina.

“He has surrounded himself with a tight-knit group of guy friends, most of whom are not in the industry,” says the insider.