Lohan Court Appearance: Criminal Complaint Not Yet Drawn Up

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Although embattled actress Lindsay Lohan was scheduled to appear in court on Monday, the hearing was not held since a criminal complaint has yet to be drawn up.

Her appearance at the New York City courthouse was in connection to the alleged fight which occurred at a Manhattan nightclub last year. The actress reportedly punched Tiffany Mitchell after an argument suddenly escalated into violence.

According to CBS News, Office of Court Administration spokesman David Bookstaver said an official criminal complaint charge had yet to be drawn up. As a result, Lohan’s scheduled hearing was called off. The actress’ attorney reportedly filled out some paperwork and went about his business.

Although investigators said they are still looking into the incident which took place at the Avenue Lounge in Manhattan’s Chelsea district, it’s unknown when or if a complaint will be filed.

Mark Heller, Lindsay Lohan’s New York attorney, told CNN shortly after he arrested that he was certain Lohan would be exonerated when all was said and done.

Heller explained:

“Once again, Lindsay Lohan is a victim of someone trying to capture their 15 minutes of fame. From my initial investigation, I am completely confident that this case will be concluded favorably and that Lindsay will be totally exonerated.”

Unfortunately for Lohan, her legal troubles don’t end in New York. The Liz & Dick star is currently slated to appear in a California court for a probation hearing on January 15. The charges stem from a car crash the actress was involved in last summer.

At present, Lindsay Lohan is charged with giving false information to a police officer, obstructing or resisting a police officer in performance of his duty, and reckless driving in the Santa Monica case.

As of this writing, it’s unknown when Lohan’s next New York court appearance will take place. If a complaint is never filed, then the case may end be being a non-issue for the actress.