Trump’s ‘Muslim Ban’ Was Orchestrated To Upset People, New Book Claims

According to a new bombshell book, President Donald Trump’s Muslim ban was a calculated move aimed at upsetting the public. The new book titled Fire and Fury written by journalist Michael Wolff presents details from the time he spent in the White House. Among several bombshell revelations, Wolff claims that Trump’s adviser, Steve Bannon, deliberately published the controversial “Muslim Ban” order on a Friday so as to encourage maximum possible disruption.

Trump had issued the controversial order on January 27, 2017, only a week after taking office. The decision barred people from a number of Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States. It was a promise Trump had repeatedly made during his campaign trail and Wolff’s new book claims that the decision was purposely signed on a Friday so that it would affect those entering the country and there would be maximum disruptions in airports, Independent reports. Friday is the most popular day for traveling, and the decision would keep many who were flying into the country that day detained without much clarity as to what would happen to them.

Furthermore, Bannon had calculated that the timing would also mean that a maximum number of protesters would come out to protest the decision, creating further disruptions and chaos.

And indeed, as soon as the decision was published, airports all across America were flooded by protesters asking for the decision to be turned around. At the time, many had questioned why the decision had been signed on a Friday, as it had left airports, the government, and the country as a whole on chaos. About this, Wolff wrote the following.

“Errr… that’s why. So the snowflakes would show up at the airports and riot. It was designed as a way to crush the liberals by making them crazy and dragging them to the left.”

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Trump's 'Muslim Ban' met with widespread criticism.Featured image credit: Jack TaylorGetty Images

Wolff further claims that this helped Bannon put a clear divide in the United States between those who supported the order and Trump’s America and the Liberals.

The book also claims that the draft for the order was written in a hurry by Bannon and other Trump advisers so that the plan could be successfully carried out. The order has since been challenged in court.

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President Donald Trump signed the controversial order on Friday, January 27.Featured image credit: PoolGetty Images

President Donald Trump signed the controversial order on Friday, January 27.