If Trump's Mental Fitness Is Questioned By Those Close To Him, They're Obligated To Speak Up, Says Fox Anchor

Roz Zurko

The new book that makes shocking claims about Donald Trump has the nation running to read it. It has also opened up more questions about Trump's mental competency. What the book has to say also comes on the heels of Trump's nuclear button sparing tweets with North Korea's Kim Jong Un, which was another recent incident that had Trump's psychological health in question.

What the author of this new book penned about Trump has people in shock, and many are not buying what he's selling. Michael Wolff has made one statement in particular that claims that those closest to Trump have been questioning his fitness when it comes to running this country.

He made a statement that 100 percent of the people he interviewed, all of whom were in Trump's circle, questioned Trump's fitness to run this country. He said these people included Trump family members and White House staff.

On Friday afternoon, Shepard Smith and Chris Wallace discussed the claims made by Wolff in this book and the "chatter that has resulted surrounding the president's mental facilities," reports Mediaite. It was Wallace who first said that the book was a "hot topic" in Washington, and Smith followed by discussing Wolff's claim that everyone in Trump's circle believes he has "no business being president," according to what Mediate reports.

Shepard Smith is not what people would call a fan of President Trump, he is one of the few on Fox News that Trump supporters take issue with for his views on the president. Back in March, Fox News fans took to social media to demand Shepard Smith be fired, reports the Washington Post.

Smith has taken issue with some of Trump's views in the past, and many see him as someone who is "anti-Trump," which is what his Fox News colleague Sean Hannity called him back in July of this year. Hannity said on his radio show, "I like Shep. But he's so anti-Trump. I mean, he went off on a rant last week," reports CNN News.

It was assumed that Hannity was referencing a segment in which Smith criticized Trump's administration when asking why the administration continues to put out what he termed "lie after lie after lie" on the probe into Russian election meddling.

With that said, even Smith took issue with what Wolff had to say about Trump, especially the claims the author made of how the people in Trump's circle question if he is fit or not to run the nation. Smith was a bit sarcastic when talking about Wolff making such an incredible statement that "everyone" he talked with in Trump's circle questioned his ability to run the nation.

"Question — if you are of the belief that the president of the United States is unfit, if you have access to the most powerful man in the world, the man who is in charge of a nuclear arsenal that can annihilate the planet, and you believe he is mentally or otherwise unfit, you have an obligation to step forward," Smith stated. "Not to talk to a writer who has a semi-permanent seat in the West Wing. You have an obligation — you're duty-bound to come forward and say 'I don't believe Donald Trump is fit for office and we're in danger as a result.' Do you not?"

Wallace said there's a big "if" in there. You would first have to assume he is mentally unfit and that doesn't seem to be the case with Trump. Wallace said he's talked to numerous people in Trump's administration and he's never heard any of them raise these concerns.

"Remember, he's the duly elected president of the United States — 60 million people voted for him to be president," Wallace continued. "I certainly don't know there's anything that he's done so far. You can say a lot of it is unconventional. I'm not sure he's done anything that has endangered the country. There's a big leap there between saying we need to have him removed from office and the current state of affairs."

Both Smith's and Wallace's thoughts about the claims made by this author being incredibly hard to fathom are echoed across the various social media sites as well. As a previous Inquisitr article reports, Wolff's accusations claim that 100 percent of the people he interviewed, all of whom were close to the president, questioned Trump's fitness when it came to running the nation.