Video Emerges Of Jake Paul, Logan’s Younger Brother, Using The N-Word In A Freestyle Rap

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On the heels of his older brother’s controversial Japan-themed videos, vlogger Jake Paul is now under fire for a video that purportedly has him saying the n-word in a freestyle rap.

TMZ obtained a clip taken in 2015 that shows Jake rapping over Rae Sremmurd’s “Throw Some Mo” while hanging with friends during Coachella weekend. In the rap, the caucasian content creator is heard spouting the lines, “little a** n***as” and “I whip it like my n***a, Richard Vetter.”

Sources close to the younger Paul have spoken out on his behalf to say he’s “not racist,” but unsurprisingly, the video has caused an outpouring of disdain from a batch of social media users.

“As if you needed anymore confirmation that the Paul brothers are trash, here’s Jake Paul saying the n-word,” Twitter user zarasglory stated.

Another Twitter member, rllysoph, expressed that Paul was indeed racist for using the term and questioned why his supporters still “stanned” for (or overly supported) him.

“Also, this is the last time I’ll say this: If you’re not black, don’t use the n-word,” rllysoph exclaimed.


The clip of Jake stating the word is just the latest contentious act that the 20-year-old former Disney and Vine star has partaken in. In July of last year, as Mashable published, neighbors of Paul complained that the personality was causing a major ruckus in their Beverly Grove neighborhood by burning furniture in his swimming pool and also allowing flocks of teen girls to follow him to his residence, which is often featured in his videos.

jake paul n word
Video of YouTube vlogger Jake Paul using the n-word has emerged.Featured image credit: Monica Schipper/StringerGetty Images

“We used to be this really quiet street and now, we’re just like this war zone,” neighbor Maytal Dahan told KTLA.

“We’re more than happy to have them live here if they’re respectful of their neighbors, but they’re not.”

As a result of his actions, Paul was let go from his Disney Channel show Bizaardvark after just one season.

The video of Jake Paul using the n-word can be seen below. Please be advised that adult language is used in the clip.

Earlier this month, Jake’s older brother, Logan, was called out for filming a video in Japan’s Aokigahara Forest, also known as the Suicide Forest, that featured a dead body hanging from a tree, as the Inquisitr noted.

Logan has since released two apologies and taken a leave of absence from YouTube to “reflect,” but We the Unicorns recently published a clip from another video that shows Logan and his friends causing a commotion in the streets of Japan by throwing objects at passersby and crudely interacting with shop workers. That footage can be viewed below.