The Credibility Of Michael Wolff’s ‘Fire And Fury’: Inside Trump’s White House’

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Michael Wolff’s bestseller, Fire and Fury: Inside Trump’s White House, is currently available on Amazon. The book raises many questions about the credibility of the author, the credibility of the book, and the credibility of the Trump administration. However, consider the background of Wolff’s book to judge if it tells the whole story about Trump’s White House.

Michael Wolff, 64, is a popular author, journalist, and regular contributor to USA Today, the Hollywood Reporter, and GQ. Born in New Jersey, Wolff was a student at Columbia College of Columbia University in New York City and worked as a copy boy for the New York Times. Wolff’s first magazine article was published in the New York Times Magazine in 1974, and he has been writing ever since. He is an award-winning journalist, winning the National Magazine Award twice out of three nominations.

Wolff’s latest project, Fire and Fury, is a No. 1 best-seller on Amazon. The book gives some shocking insight into Trump’s White House and some interesting events that took place in the president’s first year in office. Wolff was reportedly given access to the White House because of his assumed support for Trump, and after the election, he attacked the press for trying to undermine the president. Wolff’s actions put him in a favorable position with the president after an article published by the Hollywood Reporter, paving the way for his infiltration of Trump’s White House.

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Viewed as an insider, Wolff gives details of incidents in the White House, conversations, and activities of Trump and his staff. Wolff claims to have spoken to Trump and was given access to the West Wing of the White House, a claim the White House and the president denies. In a tweet, Trump debunked Wolff’s claim, stating that he was not given access to the White House.

The author admits he said what was necessary to get the story in an interview on NBC’s Today show on January 5. The White House has vehemently disputed Wolff’s claims which is reportedly based on 200 interviews with White House and campaign staffs. Concerning his credibility, Wolff was accused by Andrew Sullivan of putting words in his mouth in 2001 when he wrote that Sullivan “believes that he is the most significant gay public intellectual in America today.”

The New York Times reports that James Fallows, a critic of Trump, described the book as, “unforgettable and potentially historic.” Ross Douthat, a New York Times columnist, also admits that there is probably some bogus stuff in a tweet about the book. Michael Wolff’s account of Trump’s White House seems believable, but true or not, readers are left to decide.