‘Fixer Upper’ Stars Chip And Joanna Gaines Blasted On Social Media For Pregnancy Announcement, But Why?

Jared C. TiltonGetty Images

A baby announcement is a happy thing, but if you’re Fixer Upper stars Chip and Joanna Gaines, a baby announcement can also — unfortunately — cause a little bit of a backlash.

However, there may be more to the social media backlash story than meets the eye.

Us Weekly is reporting that the devoutly Christian stars of Fixer Upper — who already have four children — have been at the receiving end of trolls taking to their Facebook page and telling them that they’re contributing to the over-population of the Earth, and that even their own four children have told them not to have any more kids. The comments even got really vicious, with one “fan” of the show writing that they hoped Baby No. 5 “would be their last” and that they hope the couple uses “wiser judgment” in the future.

But aside from the fans’ eco-friendly concerns, there were other fans that suggested that the Fixer Upper stars were having another child in an attempt to save their failing marriage. This rumor has its roots in the ending of the show itself — when the couple first announced that the current season of the show would be their last, rumors began to circulate in the blog-osphere that Chip and Joanna were ending the hit show because their marriage was falling apart.

Chip, of course, set the record straight almost immediately, and told fans that the reason they were ending Fixer Upper was because the couple wanted to spend more time with their family.

However, the couple haven’t responded to this latest bout of criticism. Despite the backlash about Baby Gaines No. 5, however, there are many fans that have come to the couple’s defense.

“Wow,” wrote one fan, “what a way to take a special moment in someone’s life and use it for a mean spirited rant.”

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