Melania Trump’s Racy ‘New York Post’ Leaked Photos – Everybody Assumed Donald Was Leaker, Melania Inconsolable

Spencer PlattNewsmakers/Getty Images

The shocking revelations from Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House by Michael Wolff continue to hit the public eye after the early publication of the book on Friday, January 5. Some of those revelations include claims about First Lady Melania Trump and her reaction when racy photos of herself and another female model hit the press. What’s more shocking is the allegation from Wolff that “everybody” but Melania knew that it was likely President Donald Trump himself who leaked the racy photos to the press.

The excerpts from the new book about Trump, as reported by the Washington Post, features a quote that blames Trump for leaking photos of Melania to the New York Post.

“The New York Post got its hands on outtakes from a nude photo shoot that Melania had done early in her modeling career — a leak that everybody other than Melania assumed could be traced back to Trump himself. Inconsolable, she confronted her husband.”

The NSFW photos in question appeared in an article titled “Melania Trump’s girl-on-girl photos from racy shoot revealed,” which was published by the New York Post on August 1, 2016. After the photos appeared in public, Melania reportedly asked Trump if that represented the type of exposure she would face in the future if he won the presidency. Wolff wrote that to Melania, Trump becoming president was a “horrifying” prospect because Melania knew he could win, and that would mean that her “carefully sheltered life—one sheltered, not inconsiderably, from the extended Trump family—which was almost entirely focused on her young son” would change.

Melania Trump leaked photos to New York Post.

The “whisper campaign” circulating in Manhattan about Melania was one that her friends warned her about, although it resulted in Suzy magazine and the Daily Mail printing retractions.

Meanwhile, Wolff writes that Melania told Donald that she would not be “able to take it” if those were the types of things that were in store for her in the future as the first lady. Trump tried to comfort Melania by providing her attorneys and threatening lawsuits. Trump promised Melania, “We’ll sue!”

Trump allegedly promised Melania that the whole thing would be over when he lost the presidential campaign. “Alas, he won,” wrote Wolff. Michael Wolff went on to write that Trump ended up waging a campaign that inadvertently followed the storyline of the Producers, one that was so far-fetched and outlandish, the creators were sure they’d lose.