Ivanka Trump Has ‘Distaste For Her Stepmother’ Melania Trump, Shared Quote About FLOTUS With Friends

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First Lady Melania Trump and Ivanka Trump have maintained in public interviews that they have a close and loving relationship. However, according to Michael Wolff, author of the new book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, that isn’t necessarily the case. Ivanka can be seen in the above photo with the then Melania Knauss as the two women arrived for the 2004 Dennis Basso Fall/Winter Fashion Show in New York City.

That was a good dozen years or so before President Donald Trump would win the nomination and the two women would find themselves in a political arena that Ivanka never thought they’d entertain. Melania, however, was one of the few people, according to Wolff, who knew her husband could likely become President Donald Trump.

Circa 2014, when Trump first started to once again take up the cause of becoming president, Melania represented one of the few people who knew that winning the presidency was a possibility. However, the notion of President Trump was a joke to Ivanka – writes Wolff – even as the now first daughter had backed away from her dad’s campaign in the beginning. However, it was the slight and biting insult that Michael claims Ivanka lobbed against Melania that revealed how Ivanka felt about her stepmother when she spoke of Melania’s beliefs with friends.

“With a never-too-hidden distaste for her stepmother, Ivanka would say to friends, ‘All you have to know about Melania is that she thinks if he runs he’ll certainly win.'”

Ivanka Trump Has 'Distaste For Her Stepmother' Melania Trump, Shared Quote About FLOTUS With Friends Ivanka Trump had a ‘distaste for her stepmother’ Melania Trump and shared a quote about the FLOTUS with friends.

As reported by Elite Daily, folks who wonder about Melania’s relationship with Ivanka will be met with the answer that theirs is a complex union. With only 11 years between the women in age, Ivanka and Melania don’t share the relationship of a stepmom who raised a daughter from a young age since Ivanka was already in her 20s when Melania married Donald.

With the author painting a picture of a White House that views Ivanka as Trump’s “real wife,” as reported by the Sun, and Melania as a largely absent figure who went days without seeing her husband, even when they both resided in Trump Tower, it’s not clear how that dynamic would affect the relationship between stepmother and stepdaughter.