Bob Seger Teases Memoir, Reveals Why There Will Probably Never Be A Documentary About His Life

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Bob Seger is 72 years old, which means his career as a rock star has lasted 42 years longer than he originally planned. In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Bob Seger revealed that he never dreamed that he would still be touring and releasing new music as a senior citizen.

Seger, best known for his 1970s Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet band classics “Against the Wind,” “Night Moves,” and “Turn the Page,” has seen ongoing success with his greatest hits album which was the biggest selling catalog album for a decade, from 2000 to 2010. But he’s also still making new music— Seger’s 18th studio album, I Knew You When, was released in November—something his younger self would have never imagined.

“I thought I’d be done by 30,” Seger told Rolling Stone his career in music.

“My original plan was to do it for five years between the age of 25 and 30 and then buy a motorcycle and drive across Europe, and then get a real job. It didn’t work out that way.”

With a career that has spanned six decades, Bob Seger has done it all. And he’s not ruling out putting it all down on paper. Bob told Rolling Stone a memoir is not out of the question—if he can figure out what to write about.

“I think about it,” Seger said of a potential book about his life. “I set up a computer. I got a writing desk. I got everything ready. I don’t know what I’ll write, I may write about me. I don’t know.”

Whatever he does, Bob Seger said he would never use a ghostwriter but would do all of the writing himself. But the rock legend draws the line at a documentary about his life.

“The problem with that is that we don’t have any film,” Bob said of the required documentary footage. “The Eagles were smart and they made lots of films. We have some, but the lights weren’t very good and it looks cruddy.”

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In 2011, Bob Seger hinted to Rolling Stone that his career was coming to an end. At the time, he was only 65, and he admitted the following to the music magazine.

“My career’s winding down. What can I say? I can’t do this much longer. My manager is 70. We’ve been together for 45 years now and we need to stop pretty soon and turn it over to the Kid Rocks and Eminems. I guess we’re in the final stages here.”

But seven years later, Bob Seger is still recording and touring and he’s no longer teasing retirement. In fact, it sounds like Seger is not quite ready to write his last career chapter after all. Bob’s new album came with a 32-city tour, Runaway Train, which was cut short last fall due to the rock legend suffering a debilitating back injury. But Seger still plans to finish out the tour. Bob Seger hopes to reschedule the 19 postponed Runaway Train shows for sometime this spring.

“I can’t do anything: no piano, no guitar, no nothing,” Seger said of his recovery from surgery. “But as soon as the pain stops, I’ll be playing again.”