‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Lani Considers Abortion, Will She Terminate Pregnancy Or Have The Baby?

Vivien KillileaGetty Images for Days Of Our Lives

Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week of January 8 reveal that Lani Price will find out that she is pregnant. In an interview with Soap Opera Digest, actress Sal Stowers previews what comes next. She makes a few surprising decisions and is filled with questions about what to do. One is that she considers terminating the pregnancy.

It was previously teased by SheKnows Soaps that Lani Price’s affair could end up with surprising results. It is revealed that while visiting Theo Carver (Kyler Pettis), Lani faints. This is when Kayla Johnson (Mary Beth Evans) checks out the detective and discovers she is expecting a little bundle of joy.

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that when Lani is told about the pregnancy, she is in shock and denial. However, due to the timing of how far along she is, she knows that conception happened around Christmas. Lani and JJ Deveraux (Casey Moss) were not together at that time. The only person she was with was Eli Grant (Lamon Archey).

“Kayla is her ex-boyfriend’s aunt and Lani doesn’t know if she can be honest with her in that moment, so she’s kind of at a loss for words and just stuck.”

Lani decides that Eli deserves to know about the child. However, before she can tell him, he makes it clear that their night of passion must remain a secret. Things are improving between him and Gabi Hernandez (Camila Banus). He doesn’t want anything messing that up. So, then she considers abortion and then telling JJ the truth. However, she worries about his fragile mental state.

“Initially, she’s trying to do the right thing. She and Eli slept together. She wants to do right and tell him there’s a chance it could be his, but at the same time, she is also so scared of losing JJ, and she wants to be sure that she knows for sure, and is she going to have an abortion? There are so many thoughts going into her brain. She doesn’t necessarily want to have a kid with Eli, but she also doesn’t want to have a kid in general.”

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that in the end, Lani decides to call Kayla and schedule an abortion. However, JJ walks in as she is on the phone and just hears her talking about a pregnancy.

“They’re not together at this point; they’re still broken up, so he’s just head over heels, back in love, ready to be a dad and she doesn’t know what to do.”

She doesn’t tell JJ the truth about the paternity. He is so happy about having a son or daughter. He really just wants to be a happy family with Lani. So, she plays along and pretends to also be thrilled. At least, for right now. However, deep inside, she feels guilty and a lot of anguish over keeping this secret.

“So, in that moment, Lani is just like, ‘Here we go’ and she falls into his trap.”

However, as all soap opera fans know, the truth always comes out eventually. Is Lani really prepared for the fallout when that happens, whether it’s in a few weeks or many years from now? It seems that this storyline will get more complicated as time goes on.

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