Donald Trump Joked Sons ‘Were In The Back Of The Room When God Handed Out Brains’

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Prior to the publication of Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House book, excerpts from the tell-all were already causing demand for the book to surge, as reported by the Inquisitr. Now certain passages from the book are leaking onto Twitter, as seen below, with social media users reacting with surprise and horror to some of the allegations being made about President Donald Trump’s behavior.

First, there was the trick that Wolff claimed Trump used in order to have sex with his friends’ wives by sowing discord between the husbands and wives. Now comes the leak of a passage that features Michael writing about Donald Tump’s alleged view of his own sons, Don Jr. and Eric, regarding their lack of intelligence. The book calls 40-year-old Don Jr. and 33-year-old Eric men who have been forced to live in “enforced infantile” relationships in relation to their dad, roles that allegedly caused embarrassment to both Trump men.

According to Wolff, Trump’s sons still embraced the professional achievements that their lots in life brought them. Don Jr. and Eric understood they were “Trump’s heirs and attendees.” However, it is the line about the notion that Trump allegedly called his sons not smart men who missed their heavenly opportunities to be smarter men that is getting backlash on social media.


“Their father took some regular pleasure in pointing out that they were in the back of the room when God handed out brains — but then again, Trump tended to scorn anyone who might be smarter than he was.”

The Fire and Fury excerpt went on to claim that Ivanka Trump was viewed as the “designated” smart person in the Trump Family, even though the author calls Ivanka “no native genius.” With Ivanka’s husband, Jared Kushner, fitting into his role in the Trump clan as a smooth operator, Trump’s sons were available to run errands and act in administrative roles to their father.

With Don Jr. and Eric slightly praised in the book’s excerpt as “reasonably competent family-owned-company executives,” the duo of brothers also received left-handed compliments with Wolff’s claims that their business acumen wasn’t “saying all that much.” That’s due to their dad, often called “DJT,” possessing a small amount of patience for being the leader of his own company.

“Of course, quite a good amount of their professional time was spent on the whims, projects, promotions, and general way of life of DJT.”

Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump
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