Prince William And Duchess Catherine To Join Princess Charlotte On First Day Of Nursery School

Chris JacksonGetty Images

Prince William and Duchess Catherine’s younger child Princess Charlotte is preparing to start her first term at nursery school. But unlike her older brother Prince George, the adorable little girl will be accompanied by both parents when she sets foot on the prestigious school this month.

According to the Express, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will join the 2-year-old princess on her first day at Willcocks Nursery School.

The famous school, which is located near the royal family’s Kensington Palace, reportedly encouraged the doting parents to accompany their daughter when she starts classes this month.

Apparently, Prince William and Duchess Catherine were invited for a “stay and play” session with Princess Charlotte to ensure that she’s settling in well at her first ever school.

The outlet noted that the royal couple will accompany Princess Charlotte for the first part of the day, then leave after a short period to check if she can already handle being left on her own.

This strategy will allegedly help the little princess to become more relaxed and accustomed to school, eventually making her ready to attend by herself.

Willcocks Nursery School reiterated that having the parents around for first-time students will be beneficial for the child. It will also be convenient for parents to stay in the vicinity of the school in case they needed to return and check on their kids.

“As your child builds a rapport with the teachers, we will ask you to stay in the vicinity for the first few sessions so that you can return if needed.”

Princess Charlotte’s nursery school is owned and run by headmistress Lavinia Taylor. It features an all-women staff and specializes in “good manners.”

According to the outlet, Willcocks Nursery School offers rigorous programs, such as French lessons, pottery, and poetry classes. It also focuses on every student’s social, emotional and physical development, as well as communication and language.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expected to spend £3,050 per term or roughly $4,080 a semester.

Meanwhile, Prince George is set to return to Thomas’ Battersea for his second term next week. It can be recalled that the 4-year-old royal had his first day of school on September 7 along with his father.

At that time, the Duchess of Cambridge was forced to skip her son’s big day because of her severe morning sickness. But now that she feels a lot better, it is expected that the soon-to-be mother of three will not miss the chance to walk her little girl to school.

Willcocks Nursery School officially starts its term on January 4. However, Kensington Palace has yet to confirm when Princess Charlotte will start attending. It is expected that she will join the class a little later than the school’s original schedule.