Melania Trump Divorce Rumors: Tell-All Book Detailing Fights, Infidelity Sparks Rumors Of White House Breakup

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Melania Trump is once again surrounded by divorce rumors after a new tell-all book shed light on marital troubles and allegations of seedy infidelity from Donald Trump.

There have long been reports of troubles from Donald and Melania Trump, with intermittent rumors that the two are nearing a split. The upcoming release of a tell-all book from author Michael Wolff has accelerated those divorce rumors. As Cosmopolitan noted, the book showed that Melania was upset at Donald’s shocking election win last November, and openly cried on election night when she realized he would win.

The book also noted that Melania Trump was miserable on Trump’s inauguration day and that the two had a public fight as Donald was in a bad mood as well when A-list celebrities snubbed him. In another passage, it detailed Trump’s often elaborate plans to sleep with the wives of his friends, even using his secretary to call the friends and goad them into sexual talk while the friend’s wife listened in on the conversation.

There were also potentially telling passages about their marriage, including a report that Donald and Melania sleep in separate beds in the White House.

“Trump, in fact, found the White House to be vexing and even a little scary. He retreated to his own bedroom — the first time since the Kennedy White House that a presidential couple had maintained separate rooms,” Wolff wrote. The White House had denied previous reports that Melania refuses to share a bed with Donald, Cosmopolitan noted.

The revelations from the book revived rumors that Melania Trump could be headed for divorce. Previous reports have claimed that Melania Trump had plans to divorce Donald shortly after the election, but those plans changed when he won. Others latched onto the fact that Melania chose to remain in New York after Donald moved to the White House, only joining her husband after their son’s school year ended.

As noted, the divorce rumors have been intensifying since the release of the Access Hollywood video in October, 2017, which showed Trump bragging about pursuing women. The video was recorded shortly after Donald and Melania were married.


There has been increasing speculation that Melania Trump could divorce Donald Trump amid the growing controversies. Many people have encouraged Melania to leave Donald, taking to social media to give their support to the first lady.


For her part, Melania Trump has denied the divorce rumors and denies the allegations in Michael Wolff’s book, including that she cried on election night.