Robert Pattinson Embraces Being A Loner After FKA Twigs Breakup And Kristen Stewart Fallout

Michael KovacGetty Images

Robert Pattinson may have been alone this holiday season, but that does not mean that he is not used to solitude. Breakups with long-term girlfriends tend to be his forte and it looks like he is weathering this singledom well. Breaking up with his fiancee, FKA Twigs, this past fall left him single and ready to mingle and in a recent interview, he revealed that he was a loner for much of his childhood.

In 2017, the 31-year-old actor experienced a second wind in his career when his performance in Good Time received glowing reviews. The drama received 91 percent freshness on Rotten Tomatoes with critics calling his acting “one of the year’s finest” and how he put in a “consistently stellar work” in the film.

But his success came at a price. With the excellent reviews helping him garner awards all over the world, he decided to call things off with FKA Twigs, with whom he has been with for the past three years. While the breakup was quiet, it soon revealed itself as permanent.

Soon after calling his relationship quits, he was seen partying at Leonardo DiCaprio’s birthday celebrations, holding hands with a mystery blonde, getting tangled up in dating rumors with Kate Beckinsale, his ex Kristen Stewart, and Emma Watson.

He also was spotted running around on the eve of Christmas, trying to grab presents for his loved ones. While he no longer had a fiancee or girlfriend to shop for, it looked like he had other people to keep him busy.

“The casually-clad Twilight heartthrob, 31, had a successful shopping spree as he was swamped with six bags when he headed home,” reports Daily Mail.

Either way, from his recent interview, it sounds like he is quite used to spending time alone.

“Growing up, I was pretty much a dork,” Robert said according to Just Jared. “I really liked playing Warhammer, but I never actually figured out the rules. I just made up my own. So I never played with anybody else, because I was playing by my own rules. I was alone a lot.”


He certainly was alone after he broke up with Kristen Stewart, who was engaged in a public cheating scandal with one of her film directors, and before he got involved with FKA Twigs.

But, if he chooses to, Robert Pattinson seems to have plenty of opportunities to spend time with other people. As he was recovering from his breakup, he was spotted out on a basketball game with his friends, helplessly staring at the cheerleaders.


“Newly single Robert Pattinson is on the prowl,” reports Page Six.“[…] while fan favorite Kristaps Porzingis gave the hometown crowd a scare following an ankle injury, Pattinson, 31, appeared preoccupied with the Knicks City Dancers during their appearance on the court.”

He also was seen mingling with his old flame Katy Perry and Emily Ratajkowski at Leonardo DiCaprio’s birthday party this fall.