Justin Ellings, Star Of 'A Tale Of Two Coreys,' Opens Up About His Role And His Future [Exclusive]

Caitlin Albers

Justin Ellings is an up-and-coming actor who recently nabbed his first leading role in Lifetime's A Tale of Two Coreys. The film follows the lives and careers of Corey Feldman and Corey Haim as teenagers in Hollywood. Justin portrays the late Haim, while Feldman is played by Elijah Marcano. Feldman served as an executive producer on the made-for-TV film, which premieres this Saturday.

The Inquisitr caught up with Justin for an exclusive interview before the movie's release, who shed some interesting insight on the film which details the immense struggles the Corey's endured during throughout their careers as young men.

"We both just looked at each other and freaked out a little, ok a lot! We just knew it was going to be Corey."

The young actor also recalled the stories Feldman would often tell about Haim whenever he came on set. Feldman even claimed Justin reminded him of Haim and that the two shared similar personalities.


When asked about Haim, Justin had nothing but wonderful things to say about the late actor. He learned Haim was a wonderful person and was loved by everyone around him. Justin noted he was "a super great guy, funny, kind and thoughtful."

"He had an addiction he struggled with most of his adult life, but he loved and cared about those around him deeply."

"It's a cautionary tale for sure," he explained. "I think the big takeaway is things are not always as they seem. To the outside world, these two teen idols had it all, fans, fame, money. But behind the scenes, they were dealing with so many difficult issues that really shed light on why they may have turned to drugs and alcohol to numb some of their pain."

Stunts proved to be no problem for the star, as he is a martial arts aficionado. Justin trains at the XMA World Headquarters in North Hollywood and has a black belt in Taekwondo and XMA.

Outside of acting and martial arts, Justin has a strong passion for automobiles. He would like to visit Jay Leno's garage in the future and is interested in studying car engineering and design.

For now, Justin is taking a year off from school to focus on his acting but admits college is definitely in his future. As far as acting goals, he is hoping to nab a lead in a television series or a major motion picture.

"I just love being on set."

"He is every bit as nice as I hoped and dreamed he would be," he remembered. "My dream would be to play his son."

Catch Justin in A Tale of Two Coreys when it premieres on Lifetime this Saturday at 8 p.m. EST.