Trump Appears At Press Conference On Screens While 50 Feet Away, Compared To ‘Wizard Of Oz’ And ‘1984’

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Sarah Huckabee Sanders introduced a “special guest” into the White House press briefing room on Thursday, January 4. President Donald Trump soon appeared in what seemed to be a pre-recorded message behind Sarah on video monitors. As a result of the odd manner of Trump appearing at the press conference, Google Trends reported a 110 percent surge in the search term “Trump press conference.”

President Trump’s appearance at Thursday’s White House press conference is already the subject of jokes and memes on Twitter. As Trump talked about the tax reform bill that became law in December 2017, folks on Twitter were mocking the president and comparing the president to the main characters in the Wizard of Oz or 1984 due to the odd way he used a video message to speak to the press.

Instead of walking down the hall of the White House and appearing in person in front of journalists to talk about the tax reform change that “is already delivering major economic gains,” as USA Today reports Trump saying, the president chose to deliver “a message from a special guest” via a video that is now the subject of plenty of odd photos and memes.


Quips about Sanders calling Trump “one of the most accessible presidents we’ve ever had” on Tuesday while the president beamed video footage of himself into the press conference room on Thursday — likely to avoid questions from journalists about the Fire and Fury book that is the talk of the world — are being published to social media.

Video: Trump Appears At Press Conference On Screens While 50 Feet Away, Compared To 'Wizard Of Oz' And '1984'
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As seen in tweets about Trump’s press conference on Twitter, some folks are placing the blame on the president alleged “dementia” for talking to reporters only via two video monitors in the Brady press briefing at the White House. Meanwhile, others are calling it a cowardly move and writing that Trump allegedly did not want to face any hard and driving questions from reporters about the shocking book set to be published on Tuesday, January 9.


Trump fans, meanwhile, are writing on Twitter that it is a good thing that the president didn’t appear in person at the press conference, with claims that the media would have messed up the opportunity to interview Trump.