Baby Dies After Doctors Cut Infant’s Head During C-Section Delivery — Mother Gets Her Answers In Court

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A newborn baby died after his head was cut with a scalpel when doctors cut into his mother’s womb to deliver him via an emergency C-section. This is something that has been known to happen during a C-section birth, but it is rare and the cuts reported are usually not as deep as the one made during this tragic delivery.

According to the Mirror, the male infant, who was named Carson Allen by his parents, died from a hemorrhage just three hours after he was born. The doctors cut into the soft part of the newborn’s skull while cutting into the mother’s womb to remove the baby during the emergency C-section.

The inquest ruled the death an “accident,” but the parents were never given any answers to the questions they had about his death. The wanted to know what happened. Claire Smith had undergone a procedure a few years before she became pregnant that could have caused problems for future pregnancy, which she was aware of.

She walked around thinking it was her fault that the baby died. She thought his death had something to do with that previous procedure, but it was not.

After taking a year for the inquest to be completed with the outcome listed as an “accidental death” this did not answer the questions for Smith as to what happened to cause her newborn’s death. In a move that Smith said was an attempt to make sure this wouldn’t happen to another family, she took the hospital to court.

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It was during the court proceedings where it was discussed just how that cut got on the baby’s head. Carson was born in July of 2013 and something went very wrong. According to the Nottingham Post, “doctors pierced a soft part of Carson’s skull while cutting into the wall of his mum’s womb.”

Smith, who is still struggling with the death of her baby boy said, “As if losing my baby wasn’t enough, I have been put through hell fighting for the reassurance that I could not have prevented my baby son’s death.”

Smith, who is 41, has been battling for four years to get answers from the Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust (NUH), which is the company that runs the hospital. Both parents of Carson, Smith and her partner Scott Allen, were blaming themselves for the baby’s death.

Smith, who lived with that guilt went daily to the cemetery where her baby is buried. Claire has two other children, an 18-year-old son and a daughter who is 22. She was already 27 weeks pregnant when she found out she was going to have a baby, which was Carson.

When Smith had her day in court recently, the hospital admitted to “shortfalls” in Carson’s death and they issued an apology to Smith. She was also awarded an “undisclosed settlement” in this case. Her lawyer said that the hospital has taken steps so to prevent this from happening again.