Meghan Markle Effect Extends To Makeup, Leading To A Surge In Popularity For One Lip Color

Christopher FurlongGetty Images

Since she was first introduced to the royal family, Meghan Markle has proven to have quite the effect both on the family and the traditions that have long been established. As an unconventional couple in many aspects, Prince Harry and Markle have shown that they have no problem doing things their own way, which includes adding some American traditions to their royal wedding. However, while the royal couple might be changing things up in terms of their nuptials, this is not the only instance where the former actress is having an effect. Not only is the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle set to bring about an economic boost this year, but it seems that the former Suits actress is also having an effect on the makeup industry.

According to a report from Refinery 29, with Meghan Markle dominating the headlines alongside Prince Harry ever since the announcement of their engagement, it makes sense that one of the things some people have focused on is her sense of fashion. With a style that has been described as low-key, as well as sophisticated, there are many fans who have been inspired to get Markle’s look when it comes to her makeup. In fact, the nude lipstick that she wore during the first press briefing as a couple alongside Prince Harry, has apparently led to a spike in the sales of that particular shade of lipstick.


Fans who are clamoring to add a touch of Meghan Markle’s sophisticated style to their own wardrobe are taking note of the lipstick that can be seen in the very heavily circulated photos from Kensington Palace lawn. One cosmetics brand even reported that there has been a demand increase of 65 percent for nude lipsticks. It is because of Meghan Markle that many women have decided to forgo their darker lip shades, including reds, for shades of beige, caramel, and even taupe.

With Meghan Markle inspiring so many women to change up their everyday makeup routines and add in more neutral lip colors, it looks like there will be a surge in the purchasing of lipsticks in tones that are much more likely to be royally approved. Since there are so many different companies offering neutral lipsticks, there are many price points available for people looking to add a new lipstick to their daily makeup routine. While lipstick might be the easiest thing to change in terms of getting Markle’s look, it is not the only aspect of her beauty routine people are interested in knowing more about. However, no matter what people want to know more about, it is clear that Meghan Markle’s fans will not have to go broke in order to get her look.