These ‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 122 Scene Photos Revealed Something Bizarre

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We’ve been on a diet from our daily dose of Dragon Ball Super episodes after the show took a week break to celebrate the New Year. Apparently, the starvation for new information extended up to the delay of further details regarding the upcoming episodes, which intends to increase the interest for the Dragon Ball Super, the Tournament of Power hype train. After all, we are down to our last two remaining Universes battling for survival.

Of course, committed Dragon Ball Super fans always find a way to feed their co-supporters with new information to feast on, and on that note, a Twitter post awakens the sleeping fanboy and fangirl within us. These new Dragon Ball Super Episode 122 photos revealed something interesting, and at the same time, bizarre.

It appears the God of Destructions from Universes that are excluded from participating in the Tournament of Power joins the people in the bleachers to spectate the most epic battle ever in the Dragon Ball Super timeline. Well, it looks like we are not the only ones who refuse to miss this monumental moment.

@DB_super2015 posted via Twitter some clear screenshots of the upcoming Dragon Ball Super Episode 122. Aside from the spectacular animation and over-top details, what’s noteworthy is the fact that Universe 5’s God of Destruction Arack sat beside Krillin, Tien, and the rest of Universe 7.


So, in the screenshots above, we have Whis and Vados sitting together, Universe 11’s Marcarita, and Universe 10’s Cus with Belmod, and Universe 12’s Supreme Kai, Ugg. Likewise, with Universe 7, it appears Universe 11 was also surprised by Uggs appearance on the bleachers.

To speculate further, it is evident that the spectators are also divided into two groups; one that supports Universe 7 and one for Universe 11. As to what the real intentions of these Gods and Kais from other Universes hold, it remains unclear. But, the apparent reason for them showing up is to witness the victors of the Tournament of Power.

Dragon Ball Super leaker and translator @Herms98 calls the scene “bizarre.” He posted on his feed, and we quote, “there’s something bizarre about the bleachers???” He further added, “Even the official account can’t resist milking suspense out of the tournament’s seating arrangement.”

Dragon Ball Super Episode 122 Meme

To conclude, the screenshots prove both Universe 7 and 11 have their supporting sides. For Universe 7, it is Universe 6, Universe 3, and Universe 5 through the participation of Vados, Campari, and Arack respectively. While for Universe 11, what’s clear for now is Universe 10, and Universe 12 with Angel, Cus and Supreme Kai, Ugg respectively, supporting the Pride Troopers as the proxy for their Universes.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 122 entitled “Staking His Pride! Vegeta Challenges the Strongest!!” is scheduled on January 7.