Madonna’s Former Lover, Peter Shue, Wants To Put Her Panties Up For Auction

Evan AgostiniInvision/AP

Peter Shue and Madonna were an item in the 90s. She gifted him a pair of her used panties, and now, over 20 years later, that gift is haunting her. Peter wants to auction them off at the Gotta Have Rock and Roll auction that runs from January 3 until January 12.

Peter Shue is a former drug dealer. He was arrested and served over 20 years in prison for drug conspiracy. According to Radar Online, Madonna’s former lover blames her for “messing with his life.” He claims she introduced him to an informant that later gave testimony leading to his conviction.

In 1994, while Madonna and Peter were still a couple, she had given him the now infamous undergarments. While he was incarcerated, they remained packed with his things. Upon his release in 2016, he came across them. His legal representation has been negotiating with Madonna’s legal representation for a price that makes them both happy. Peter wants a million for each year he served, and Madonna is not willing to pay that much. Peter shared that he is waiting for a counteroffer, but he believes the Material Girl may have other plans to get the panties back.

Madonna had tried taking legal action to stop the sale of her personal items. She filed a petition, but the judge had ruled against her. Now, her options are to buy them back from Peter Shue or to win them at the auction.

Peter shared with Radar Online that he expects Madonna to send in a bidder to the auction since they have been unable to settle on a price. Either way, the price is expected to be substantial for Madonna to get the undergarments back.

Peter feels that Madonna had “messed with his life” by introducing him to an informant. While he says he doesn’t hate her, he does blame her for the introduction of someone that later testified against him regarding his life of drug dealing. The gift of used underwear two decades ago has turned into a potential financial windfall for Madonna’s former lover. Peter feels that it is all in God’s hands at this point.