Joy-Anna Duggar And Austin Forsyth Hint At Baby Due Date In Congratulating Jinger Duggar On Pregnancy

Jenny Cox

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth came out of hiding to congratulate Jinger Duggar on her first pregnancy. They stood with the rest of their family members -- including Jim Bob, Michelle, Jessa, Ben, and Josh and Anna Duggar -- to express just how happy they are for her. Because the 20-year-old Duggar and her 23-year-old husband have not been very open about their pregnancy journey, Counting On fans always have been eager to get more information about their first baby.

Despite Joy and Austin's best efforts, they ended up dropping some hints about their baby due date and how far along she is in her pregnancy. Right after Josh and Anna Duggar spoke about just how excited they are to greet another little one into the family, Joy dropped some hints about when she will be having the baby.

"Yeah I'm excited because it's only going to be six months longer than mine," she said. "That is so cool."

In the video, Jessa and others are seen nodding eagerly to Joy.

While this statement is still vague, it reveals something rather startling about Joy's baby due date. In their announcement, Jinger and Jeremy stated that they do not yet know the gender of the baby, which means that she could be anywhere from one to 16 weeks -- about 3.5 months -- along in her pregnancy. Many sources, including Today, suggest new moms to hold off on sharing the good news until they are at least 10 to 12 weeks along, just in case miscarriage happens.

Jinger and Jeremy shared their good news right in the beginning of January, which means that, if they held off on their announcement until the 12th week, Jinger conceived her first baby in early October. This means that she will give birth sometime in July 2018, nine months after.

This is when Joy's statement about how Jinger's pregnancy will be "six months longer" seems faulty. If Jinger's pregnancy will last six months longer than Joy's, that means Joy is set to give birth this month.

There are two possibilities. One is that Joy and the rest of the Duggar family miscalculated just how much longer Jinger's pregnancy will last. The other is that if Joy's statement is correct, then Joy would have had to conceive her baby nine months ago, which would be March 2017. Joy and Austin got married on May 26, 2017.

Ever since Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth announced that they are pregnant, Counting On fans have been speculating whether they conceived before they got married. In their announcement video, Joy's baby bump looked so big that it was hard for the fans to believe she was just a few months pregnant. Most fans thought that the baby bump looked "at least a 4 months" along.

On top of that, in their Instagram announcement, they wrote that their baby already has "fingerprints," which forms after the sixth month, according to UCSB.

Joy's remark about the fingerprints and how Jinger's pregnancy will be six months longer than hers both puts her due date in January 2018.