Logan Paul Is Taking A Break From His Daily Vlog After Controversy

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It turns out that Logan Paul has decided to take a break from his daily vlog after all of the controversy when he went into Japan’s “suicide forest.” Us Magazine shared the details about what is going on and why Logan decided it was best not to blog every single day even though that is normally what he does.

Logan Paul posted on his Twitter account to share the news about his big decision. He said, “taking time to reflect no vlog for now see you soon.” The fans shouldn’t worry that Logan is done forever, but it does sound like he needs time to refocus.

All of Logan Pauls’ issues started when he went to Aokigahara, which is commonly known as Japan’s “suicide forest,” and posted a 15-minute video that showed a dead body. A lot of people have defended Logan, and he has also received a lot of hate for the video. He has issued two apologies for it, but that might not be enough to help save his career. Logan does have a lot of fans that will stick by him no matter what, though.

Logan didn’t explain details of why he is taking time off, but it simply might be to adjust and make sure that he never posts anything that will upset the fans again. Logan is known for doing crazy things on his YouTube channel. He hasn’t posted anything on Twitter since saying that he was taking a break.

Paul got his start back in 2014 on Vine, but Logan Paul has a ton of fans that want to see more from him. They are upset to hear the news that he is taking a break, but it does seem like this is what is best for him right now. Logan can afford to take time off, but it will be interesting to see if he changes things when he returns to posting every day. He has over 15 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.


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Fans are shocked to hear that Logan Paul is going to be taking a break and hope that he comes back soon. For now, Logan won’t be posting every single day on YouTube.