New England ‘Colder Than Mars’ This Weekend After Winter Storm Grayson Dumps More Than A Foot Of Snow

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Over a foot of snow is expected in New England today, thanks to Winter Storm Grayson, but don’t expect the snow to melt anytime soon. When the snow stops and the winds die down late Thursday night, people in the Northeast will experience sub-zero temperatures, with some areas expected to be colder than Mars.

How cold is it on Mars, and which areas of New England will be colder than the Red Planet this weekend? Here’s the latest on the first major East Coast snowstorm of 2018 and plummeting temperatures that will have residents of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Maine dreaming about warm summer days that can’t come fast enough.

Snow has made its way up the coast over the past 24 hours, with icy conditions wreaking havoc on travelers from northern Florida to Maine. But it’s the Northeast, especially the New England states, that are feeling the brunt of the storm on Thursday.

Colder than Mars New England
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According to the Mass Live, wind gusts are as high as 75 mph and snow is falling at a rate of two to three inches per hour in eastern Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine, and parts of Massachusetts, including Boston where as much as 18 inches of snow is expected to fall by the end of the day.

The real kicker comes when the blizzard winds down on late Thursday, or early Friday. The weekend temps in New England will plummet from the upper 20s — low 30s, to the single digits — and even lower by Saturday, with some areas dropping down into the negative numbers.

And yes, it will be colder than Mars. According to NASA, the ground temperature on Mars has ranged between 4 to 6 degrees below zero over the past few days.

The latest Weather Channel report shows temps will drop from 14 on Friday to as low as 8 degrees below zero in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, to a bone-chilling negative 13 degrees in Maine.

Even colder? CNN states that New Hampshire’s Mount Washington Observatory will drop to 35 degrees below zero on Friday night into Saturday.

After snow, wind, and bone-chilling temperatures, there is some good news. The Weather Channel’s forecast for the New England area shows temperature rising up to the low 30s on Monday — something that may feel like Spring after a weekend that could end up being colder than Mars.